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Updated: December 16, 2012 1:35AM

Missing mom

Regarding the front page on Oct. 12 that stated “Unlimited amounts of mulch available at Lindenhurst.” Then turn to Page 2 which states “Two young children missing.” Who in the world decided that the mulch picture comes ahead of children missing? I can’t believe that The News-Sun feels that belongs on Page 2 and the front page is about mulch. Who makes those decisions? That’s disgraceful. I hope whoever made that decision is ashamed for doing it. Nothing is more important than a mom and two young children missing.

Cuban Missile Crisis

Oct. 16 was when the Cuban Missile Crisis started. It’s been 50 years now and I was a 22-year-old young man as a crew chief on a B-47 and every one of our 70 airplanes had nuclear weapons on board ready to move. It was an incredible, scary event. My thoughts were that I’m not going to see the morning come. I didn’t see how we were going to get out of that mess, but we did. If you really look into it, maybe you’ll have some idea why I’m really not too concerned about terrorism. Back then, we called it sabotage. It wasn’t that scary, was it? I still remember those days as if it were yesterday. The most scarytime of my life and I hope our country never again has to go through something like that.

Merit hiring

The process of hiring new firefighters, like Waukegan just did, is designed so that individuals are hired based upon their merit and qualifications, rather than patronage, cronyism and nepotism.

Snail mail

So the Postal Service wants to raise the cost of stamps. That would be OK except my mail in Gurnee is delivered most times after 5 p.m. Either we have the slowest mail carrier in Lake County or there’s a problem with the Postal Service in general. Anybody else out there get their mail at dusk or are we an island of truly snail mail in Gurnee?

Four-year clue

Darden Restaurants Inc., which owns Olive Garden, Red Lobster and other restaurant chains, has announced it will reduce the number of full-time employees and replace them with part-time employees. This move is in attempt to control costs associated with the Obama health care plan. How does anyone think that our economy can grow under this president? Haven’t four years of this been enough of a clue?

Dead wood

All the political ads that come in the mail to my house go straight to the garbage can. The senders need to learn that their money is going down the tubes, along with all the lies that is written on the paper. Stop the ads and save the trees instead. We need term limits and very soon to weed out the dead wood.

Best qualified

People continue to have a lot of questions about the new hires to the Waukegan Fire Department, such as whether they live in Waukegan or whether they are minorities or not, etc. The only question that should be asked is whether these firefighters were the best qualified of all the applicants.

War story

If Romney is elected, you can be sure that we will go to war. The rich get richer and the poor get killed.

PBS funding

Anybody who has watched PBS over the years is aware that since the 1960s they had been cutting back on government support. Once in awhile you can catch the pie chart which shows what a tiny amount of PBS cost is upheld by the government. During the ’60s, I remember them saying the private sector will take hold and support PBS. This is what has happened and that’s why they have the fund drives. I don’t know why he’s making an issue out of a child’s character.

In the spirit

I went down Flossmoor Avenue in Waukegan and I’d like to comment on the people who decorated for Halloween. They’re really in the spirit. Thank you.

Dem attitudes

It’s no wonder Congress cannot accomplish anything having to deal with attitudes like Joe Biden displayed. If the Democrats operate that rudely, then surely no one could accomplish anything in a bipartisan fashion. Joe Biden made it very clear that the ambassador’s death was someone else’s responsibility. He showed childish ways of not accepting any responsibility for anything and made it very clear we Americans have much to fear with our present leaders in office. I, for one, want a competent person to sit with their finger on the nuke button should the need arise. One must not forget who picked the vice president and judge them both accordingly. We need real ideas instead of running on “He’s a liar” platform.

One-word answer

Everybody with their opinions just answer me this: Would you rather work for somebody that knows how to make money or would you rather work for somebody that spends your money?

Free bennies

The truth hurts because you can’t hide from it. All the welfare people will vote for Obama because they want more free benefits and they don’t want to have to go to work. There’s not going to be any jobs to pay for the welfare. Half the country wants the other half to support them. Let’s get the jobs back in this country.

Gas prices falling

As somebody predicted months ago in TOTC: Gas prices are falling as the presidential election is nearing. Just like the unemployment rate falling under 8 percent. Call me suspicious, but is someone manipulating the figures?

Pension vote

There is an amendment to the Illinois Constitution on this year’s ballot. It has something to do with pensions. From what I understand, if you vote “yes” you’re lowering the required vote to change the pension benefits in Illinois.

Afghan troops

During the vice presidential debate, we all heard Biden say that our troops are being hit by Afghan troops. The problem with that is more and more Afghan troops are turning their guns on American GIs. Isn’t he aware of that?

Benghazi bodies

Something very strange is going on. President Obama did not blame anyone of the murder of four Americans in Benghazi and of his mistake in proclaiming that al-Qaida has been eliminated. Secretary Clinton said she was responsible after a long wait, but must not be taken too seriously. It could be a political move. Lest we forget, what happened to Obama’s boast that al-Qaida was finished when bin Laden was slain? Who will he blame?

Hiring process

In light of the recent criticism of Waukegan’s new firefighters, I feel that it is important to note the process by which professional firefighters within the State of Illinois are hired. The firefighter hiring process is rigorous and is not as simple as selecting a Waukegan resident or not selecting a Waukegan resident. In accordance with state law, Waukegan, like most other communities, hires firefighters through a multistep civil service process. The initial process comprises of a written exam; physical agility test; and oral interview. Those individuals who pass this portion are placed on a two-year list in numerical order based upon their exam and interview scores. When the need arises to hire a new firefighter, individuals are pulled in numerical order off of this list and are sent for a psychological evaluation; polygraph test; background check; and medical evaluation. If the individual passes all of these tests then they are finally hired on as a new firefighter.

Master of disaster

There is so much wrong with the current Obama administration that the sheep just follow right to the water. Then they jump in and drown! All of you sheep ignore the cover-up with Fast and Furious. You ignore the cover up in Libya! You sheep just follow your master to disaster. Time to start thinking for yourselves.

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