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Updated: December 17, 2012 1:58AM

Corporate welfare

Romney’s wealth is most definitely from the government. Through corporate welfare, tax loopholes and outright “gifts.” Romney’s private sector record includes deals and investments that owe their success to the exact government subsidies, bailouts and tax breaks that Romney now attacks. Steel Dynamics received generous tax breaks and other subsidies provided by the state of Indiana and the residents of DeKalb County. In Boston, Romney helped negotiate government loan forgiveness to help his consulting firm. Because Romney’s firm underfunded pensions, GS Steel’s pension plan required a $44 million bailout. Romney personally benefits from a numerous special tax loopholes that allow his income to be taxed at a lower rate.

Lack of jobs

The fault for the lack of jobs in this country lies with the administration, not corporations. Of course, you should take your child to the doctor, if he/she is sick. And you, not someone else, should pay for it.

GM’s savior

Continuing the education of the Democrats in Lake County. President Obama is still running around touting that he saved GM. The truth of the matter is, if you look at the facts, it was President Bush who signed the agreement to give GM the money. It wasn’t President Obama who saved GM, it was George W. Bush.

Young people

The young people need to take time to find out what really happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis era. Now it’s your turn. You’ve got to step it up because it’s so important that you people know that. Not necessarily what happened 50 years ago, but also what should happen down the road. It’s in your hands and the young people are the ones who can fix this mess.

Overseas jobs

To all of you independents and undecided voters out there. When you hear the Democrats say that Republicans are responsible for shipping jobs overseas, well, Coca Cola is opening a huge plant in China. General Electric is going to make jet engines in China, also. Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, is a chum of Barack Obama and Obama appointed him a czar for creating jobs. That’s a joke. Don’t try to make excuses. Obama has done nothing to create jobs here at home or provide any incentives to bring American factories back to the U.S.A. He says he can’t control this.

North Chicago gas

In regard to the comment about the gasoline being cheaper in North Chicago, Waukegan and Zion. I don’t know about Zion and Waukegan, but we in North Chicago want it cheaper just for you folks out there in Lincolnshire and Lake Forest. Then when you come into our town with your Cadillac and you are running a little low on fuel you can fill up and still have money in your pocket.

Rude, arrogant

After watching Joe Biden on television, we learned much more about Democrats. I learned what rude and arrogance looks like. Common sense tells me you don’t interrupt another person that’s talking. Joe Biden would make more sense if his mouth were duct-taped.

Mitt’s sneer

The media has Joe Biden smiling, but what about Mitt Romney and his sneer. His sneer appears over and over in most of the debate.

Pants on

The best kind of birth control is to keep your pants on — males and females. I don’t want my tax dollars to be spent on birth control so somebody can have recreational sex. The schools pass out condoms as it is. How far does the government have to go to protect people all the time? Don’t people have any thinking power any more of their own?

Beach Road

OK, Waukegan. Beach Park did their part from Bertrand Lane east to Sheridan Road on Beach Road. It’s looking great. When are you going to do your part from Bertrand Lane west to Lewis? And by the way, that pothole by the bicycle path is reappearing and looking quite nasty again. Oh, how foolish on my part. Waukegan is busy renting out apartments at the Karcher Hotel for starving artists. They can’t be bothered with their crumbling streets.

Economic interests

Wealthy people seldom vote against their economic interests. Middle class people often do. My question is: Why?

Libya scandal

Why are the newspapers avoiding the Libya scandal? We know the truth hurts, but the truth shall set you free. Four Americans died at the neglect of our president and his brainwashed staff. The USS Cole had a 12-year anniversary and no one mentioned it. Yes, the terrorists are still out to get America. Why does this president not back his citizens?

Answers in Libya

It’s been over a month since our ambassador and three other Americans were murdered in Libya and we still don’t have any answers. First, Obama quickly blames these murders on a video and then, when he sees that won’t work, he says, “We’re still looking into it.” Americans need to have a clear picture of this president’s weak foreign policy, and worse, his intent to hide the answers until after the election. If Obama had been president for the 9/11 attacks and it was an election year, he probably would have blamed it on the airline industry.

Obamacare works

In 2008, before Obamacare, I was paying over $1,200 per month in insurance for my family of four, with a $5,000 deductible. Now I changed insurance and for the same $5,000 deductible I pay $429 a month with wellness care I never had. I am saving real dollars. Please shop for health insurance. The price has gone down!

Big surprise

I find it very interesting that one month before the presidential election the pollsters decide to use another method to collect the unemployment data and figures and — big surprise — the figures show a marked improvement! I think someone is cooking the books and came up with the figures. Chicago politics!

Government Motors

If GM is doing so great, why haven’t they paid back the government stimulus money?

Major change

All you college students thinking of majoring in law, engineering or business better consider changing your majors to education. Teachers are the only professionals getting big pay increases — at the expense of taxpayers whose houses are worth less and less each year.

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