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Updated: December 18, 2012 2:06AM

Search costs

Regarding the article “Missing mom may be sued for search cost.” She wasn’t the one that made the phone call and asked to be found. It stated that she just had to get away. How can you charge her? The person that put in the complaint should be sued for the search cost, but not her.

Young hero

The Pakistani girl who stood up to the Taliban so she could continue her education is a hero. It’s a recurring theme. Young women in Asia, the Middle East and Africa are quietly fighting to become educated. Oprah built her school in Africa because she saw how determined the girls were there. I just hope us men don’t blow up the world before these young girls can grow up to become world leaders.

Profits over country

The 1 percent put profits over country and since the GOP is owned by the 1 percent, the GOP now puts tax cuts above country. Tax cuts for the wealthy above reducing the deficit. Tax cuts for the wealthy over health care. Tax cuts for the wealthy over helping the middle and lower classes. 12 years of Bush tax cuts for the wealthy has not produced jobs, so what makes anyone think that more tax cuts will create jobs.


During the debate, President Obama said that the day after the attack in Benghazi, he alerted our installations around the world to increase security. He was the only person in the world that did not recognize that we should have expected and prepared for attacks on the anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the United States of America.

Blame Hillary!

Obama must be getting panicky. He got Hillary Clinton to accept blame for the consulate killings in Libya. If he would spend more time in Washington once in awhile and be president instead of campaigning 24/7, he might just find out what’s going on in the world.

Four dead

Chris Stevens and three distinguished Americans are dead in Benghazi because of incompetence in the Obama administration.

Tripped on a curb

Help, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! That was my thought this morning when I was walking to my post as a Waukegan crossing guard and I tripped on the curb. About 10 cars had driven by and nobody stopped. Finally, this one very kind gentlemen stopped and worked with me to rock me up on my feet. It was such a very kind gesture. I want to thank him for helping me. I’ll always have him in my mind, my heart and in my prayers. Thank you.

Hiring felons

So Joe Schmitt is under fire for owning a thrift store where he hires felons and convicts. At least he’s giving some people a chance to get some work history on their resume, even though they supposedly paid their debt to society. Society doesn’t see it that way and nobody hires felons. What has Joe Schmitt’s opponent done?

A new Hoover

I’m an independent voter and I enjoy spending time studying American presidents’ philosophies. Did they work or not? I find Mr. Romney is very similar to that of President Hoover in the 1930s. If elected, I hope it works this time. In studying President Obama’s philosophy, I find it’s very close to that of President Roosevelt who the people liked so much they extended his term. He brought us out of the Great Depression.

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