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Updated: December 23, 2012 1:26AM

Just think

Regarding the article in TOTC “Pants on.” The best kind of birth control is to keep your pants on, males and females. Your tax dollars are not only spent on birth control, but also to support all these illegitimate children that these kids just keep popping out. They could care less about anybody or who is paying for it. The article stated how far does the government have to go to protect people and don’t people have any thinking power anymore of their own. No, and that’s exactly what the Democratic ticket is looking for. They’re looking for people that can’t think on their own or make decisions on their own so the government can rule us and become a socialist government. It won’t even be a government, it’ll be a dictatorship if Obama is elected again. Mark my words, people.

Fair is fair

Fair is fair, Republicans. George W. Bush and the Republicans had eight years to tear this country down, so Barrack Obama should have eight years to put it back together again.

Be street wise

This is to all you Republicans out there that are so paranoid about terrorism. What about the 30,000 to 35,000 people a year killed on the highway. You better start worrying about that terrorist who’s driving a car. We spend $716 billion for a military which is flat not needed for the type of times we have today.

Animal cruelty

I keep looking in the paper hoping to find out what the punishment turned out to be for the father and son who stomped that helpless little puppy to death. I hope their punishment was severe with that wonderful father having to receive time and paying a substantial fine with strict supervision. I hope they get careful supervision from ever having an animal in their possession. I hope that this cruel crime will be on their record and will follow them wherever they go.

No great feat

Going faster than the speed of sound where there is no air is no big thing. Let’s see him wing-walk on a jet breaking the sound barrier, then I’ll call him “fearless Felix” or whatever’s left of him.

Interest-free loan

Regarding the article about Christopher Jacobsen who was convicted of stealing $66,000 from the Libertyville Boy’s Club. He was only sentenced to serve 30 days in jail and 18 months of periodic imprisonment. He paid some of the money back, but shouldn’t there be some kind of interest on this. The crime was done in 2009, so he had the money for three years. He got an interest-free loan. Put these jerks in jail. He got a lighter sentence than someone with a DUI.

Personal roads

This is regarding the roads being closed in Antioch. No road should be closed to the public unless it is bought and paid for by the persons using that road.

Crime report

I heard there were two gas station robberies in North Chicago. If this is true, why isn’t the News-Sun writing about this? We want to know what is going on in the community. Put it out there for the public.

Years of welfare

Why is it that some people think that my hard work and ability to generate tax money they are supposed to be able to get and not do anything for it? The Republicans have a point there. Why are there so many people for so many generations that been on welfare? Don’t tell me that there hasn’t been prosperous times in this country. Unfortunately there are people that always want to scam the system. Anybody that’s been on welfare for ten years should be automatically shut off.

Learn your history

I’m an independent voter and a student of history. Roosevelt was a man of action. In the first 100 days of administration, he passed 15 major pieces of legislation. He led us through the depression, passed the jobs act, help for the farmers, Conservation Corps and banking reform. Obama is the president of the Link card and extended unemployment. Obama’s GM and bank bailouts were started by Bush. Go back to your history books and read them instead of political democratic spin.

Note to voters

To all the voters in Illinois. Please vote for a capitalist country like we were in the past and not a socialist country like this president wants us to be. Do you want the U.N. to tell you what you should do, or should we be the most powerful country with the biggest and strongest military like we were in years past. If you want a capitalist country, vote for Romney, or if you want a socialist, bankrupt country, vote for the current president.

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