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Updated: December 24, 2012 1:18AM

Kids’ safety

I just can’t help but wonder who this guy is that’s supposed to be a crossing guard that can’t even make it up a curb? Come on, for the love of Pete. If he’s that bad off that he can’t get up a curb, he sure as heck shouldn’t be out there trying to protect the kids while cars are flying by.

The greatest

Roosevelt was the greatest president in this country’s past 100 years. He lead us through the depression and WWII. The darkest of times since Lincoln and the Civil War. Obama rates up there with Carter. You remember him, the guy that couldn’t get the country back on its feet or couldn’t even provide proper security for our diplomatic missions.

It’s a fantasy

This comment is regarding “Mr. Fantasy” and Mr. Romney’s promises. He stated Romney would cut the budget, lower taxes on everybody, increase military spending and will not raise taxes on the middle class. Remember, according to Mr. Romney, the middle class are people who make $250,000 and the rest of us are what he classifies as poor. I agree with you, it is a fantasy budget, but remember Romney is a politician. You show me a politician who says they’ll lower taxes and I’ll show you a liar.

No handouts

Regarding the article in TOTC “Profits over country.” More and more I see this whole presidential election coming down to “they are rich.” Rich people have their money and that’s fine. Why do you think everybody is entitled to their money? Over half of the population thinks they’re entitled to a handout. No, get up in the morning and get your butt to work, earn a living and come home and relax or go to a second job. Quit whining about what you don’t have and work for what you got.

GM bailout

This is to the person that said they are no better off than they were four years ago. What would have happened if the bailout for the auto industry didn’t happen? We would have been right back in 1929 and the Great Depression. Think about that and read your history books.

Uninsured drivers

Jesse White, Secretary of State, should put in more time getting people to buy auto Insurance. Having people buy auto insurance is his main job, which he is incapable of doing. Recruiting organ donors may go on the decline if people didn’t get run over by hit-and-run non-insured drivers in the state of Illinois.

Dangerous roads

Waukegan street department, your portion of Beach Road is a hazardous disgrace. The eastbound lane is almost undriveable due to the open ruts and deep, dangerous potholes that patches can no longer hide or cure. The huge sinkhole near the North Shore bike path continues it’s annual digestion of the westbound lane. How about permanently rebuilding the culvert-crossing of the creek west of Tewes Estates before a vehicle disappears there? What is a pedestrian’s or motorist’s life worth to you, Waukegan?

Paid back

To be correct, GM paid back the stimulus money early.

Just talk

Mitt Romney talks out of both sides of his mouth and he can’t remember from moment to moment what each side says.

No incentive

Those who are voting to reelect President Obama must be truthfully told that redistribution, like socialism, does not work. It has been tried many times before and failed — always. Under socialism, the rich get poor and the poor remain poor. There is no incentive to improve one’s self because everyone is treated equally. And four years of failed programs has proven Obama cannot do the job.

Tickets for revenue

A great way for the village of Antioch to increase revenues would be to occasionally post a cop in the Red Wing View Subdivision and watch all the cars blow off the stop sign at Sprenger Drive and Goldfinch Lane. I would recommend weekdays in the a.m. when kids are at the bus stop — seems to be a lot of people in a hurry in the morning that not only disregard the stop sign, but the speed limit as well. An especially impressive performance was witnessed when a vehicle drove right by a bus that had stopped and had it’s stop sign out while loading children. But don’t limit the opportunities to just the a.m. — many more revenue-enhancing occasions present themselves later in the day, and into the night as well.

Declining business

I hope Frank’s Tavern can increase their business with the state-controlled video games recently installed. The owner of Frank’s mentions how times are tough and things are not the same for tavern owners. Revenue is severely down. But let’s not blame it all on the current economy. Let’s look back at the state (and the county) for prohibiting smoking in taverns several years ago. This is when bar owners watched their business decline. And it’s never recovered. Don’t you just love this Nanny State environment that has been forced down the throats of American taxpayers?

Daily opinion

If you insist on torturing readers with the Daily Splash, could you aptly rename it? It should be called the Daily Flop.

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