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Updated: December 25, 2012 1:15AM

He’s so vain

Only President Obama is so vain as to saddle the taxpayers of Chicago and Illinois with the added expense of providing security so he can vote early in person. All prior presidents respected the taxpayer, but not President Obama.

Conflicting stories

Four Americans have been murdered in Benghazi over a month ago and many conflicting stories abound. Why can’t President Obama hold a press conference so that we’ll know the truth? Is he afraid the truth might cost him the election, so he’ll wait until after Nov. 6?

Deja vu

I remember the guy that couldn’t provide proper security for our diplomatic missions. In less than a year, two of our embassies were bombed, one twice; a CIA station chief was kidnapped; and a Marine barracks was destroyed. Close to 300 American civilians and military personnel were killed. The retaliation for those deaths amounted to bupkis. Who was the wonderful leader who sat on his hands while Americans were killed? Ronald Reagan.


With the escalating scandal involving the cover up of events in Benghazi, the title Obamagate has now come to define the incompetence and outright arrogance of an administration who little values the lives of Americans serving overseas. Although Hillary offered to take the fall for Obama, it is clear that her backpedaling, and Obama’s reckless concealment of the truth shines a glaring light on how inept and untrustworthy this administration has fallen. I used to respect Hillary as a stand-alone person, but her closing ranks with Obama has tainted her in the same Obamagate scandal. At this late stage in the election campaign, I cannot support a president or an administration who so clearly tries to deceive the American public. The United States deserves better, much better.

Trial trail

This is an answer to the kind reader who asked about the father and son who stomped the puppy. I have been following the trail of court appearances in Racine, Wis. As of now, the father has a trial date for February 2013 and the son’s has not been set. There are endless appearances, motions and negotiations. The son pled not guilty. Many citizens wrote letters, some of which were read at some of the proceedings. The pair, especially the son, have lengthy raps. These two deserve prison time. They broke into the home and burglarized it as well as the attack on the 6-month-old Beagle puppy. The son is 6’ 2” and 220 pounds. News-Sun readers can follow this case by logging into the Wisconsin Court site and choosing Racine County.

Stealth cars

We had quite a downpour Tuesday morning, but even when the rain was falling so hard you couldn’t see across the street, a surprising number of people were still driving around without their headlights on. My wife was nearly broadsided by one of these stealth cars near the golf course in Zion. Also, the deluge illustrated why you’re not supposed to rake your leaves into the street and gutter: How is the water supposed to flow to the drains when you clog up the gutter with your leaves? Please keep leaf piles above the curb on the parkway where they belong.

Halloween display

In regard to the article about the Deerfield Halloween display: Are you kidding me? Maybe Mrs. Lorentz could decorate for them, to her liking, on her dime. And at Christmas she can decide how to put up their lights and where the tree goes. She believes in freedom of expression — as long as it suits her liking? That doesn’t sound like freedom. Check the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights. I’m definitely going to that house with my 2- and 4-year-old for trick-or-treat. It’s Halloween, lighten up.

Poor Ozzie

About Ozzie Guillen being released from the Miami Marlins. Poor Ozzie posted that this was tough, but he would get through it with support. Let me see, the Marlins are going to pay him the remainder of his three-year $7.5 million salary. I wonder if I could make it! Way to go pro sports. Ozzie’s team comes in last and he gets paid $7.5 million to do nothing, I am not sure, but if this was the average guy or gal, we would get the door and maybe Obamacare! Remember to hurry and support your next pro team!

Noisy mutts

What is wrong with you people in Winthrop Harbor that you allow your dogs to bark in the early morning hours while you’re sipping your coffee inside and letting your mutt wake others up who perhaps don’t have the same working hours as you? Way too many idiots out there who don’t respect their neighbors. Any ideas?


Undecided voters, don’t believe the panderer and serial flip-flopper Mitt Romney, who’ll say anything to get elected. If elected, he’ll get us into a war with Iran and cause another recession.

Pension vote

Do you want the Springfield crooks to have even more power and corruption than they already have? Please vote “no” on the proposed change to the Illinois Constitution that has protected Illinois taxpayers and middle-class workers for decades. A change in the Constitution would be like giving these crooks a blank check. Just vote “no” on the amendment proposal. A “no” vote protects the little guy, the working man and keeps the fat-cat politicians on a financial leash. Vote “no” for an honest Illinois !

Polite demeanor

To the writer who said Mitt Romney had “gall and audacity” to show “blatant disrespect” by telling Obama he will get his turn. Are you kidding me? Have we watched the same debates? I don’t know how Mr. Romney kept the polite demeanor he showed this president! He had to put up with moderators who deferred to Obama in each debate and if you looked at the minutes allowed each candidate, you would know that Obama hogged them. Many times Romney finished his point, clearly and succinctly, before the allotted time. Obama rambled on and on, stalling with his “uhs” and hand gestures, trying to weasel his way out of the question. Anyone who has given a speech knows these tactics mean you weren’t well prepared or you are bluffing.

Paid his debt

I got an anonymous letter about one of my employees that included an arrest record and mug shot from 16 years ago. I wondered what the writer would like me to do? Imagine how much more crime there would be if we denied employment to everyone convicted of a crime for the rest of their lives? The employee is honest, friendly, reliable and hard working and I see no reason why he shouldn’t have a second chance. He has paid his debt and moved on and I would suggest you move on, too.

Pure evil

To the person who expressed her outrage at the 99-year prison sentence Elizabeth Escalona received for abusing her 2-year-old daughter, I say: Are you kidding? She is fully aware of what it takes to become pregnant. Then there’s you, blaming the male donor, thus making her the victim? Not hardly! Blame the fathers? The father didn’t do the beating, stomping or gluing of two little hands to a wall. Her having five children says she knows how the human body works. Those children didn’t ask to be born and her torturing a 2-year-old is no one’s crime but Elizabeth’s. Her abuse was an act of pure evil and should have been punished as it was. For once, the system worked.

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