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Updated: November 30, 2012 6:09AM

Gasoline quandary

I wonder why the Illinois gasoline tax is only five cents a gallon more than in Wisconsin, but the price of gas is roughly 20-25 cents a gallon more in Winthrop Harbor than in Wisconsin. I’d like to buy my gas and products here in our town. However, that 20 cents per gallon will amount to approximately $150 per year. I wonder where I’ll be buying my gas? These stations need to wake up, or wake up their distributors.

Pension amendment

The individual who commented on the upcoming “pension vote” amendment had their facts backward Yes, the amendment changes the number of votes required to increase pension benefits for state employees ­— the pensions for members of the Legislature, as well as for policemen, firemen, teachers, employees of state agencies, etc. The change increases the required votes from a basic majority to three-fifths. It also states that a two-thirds vote will be required to override a veto. Everyone should read the blue pamphlet mailed out recently from the Illinois Secretary of State to be sure they understand this amendment. The voting requirements are for all state or local governing bodies who have the job of directing pension programs. Because of the nature of voting for an amendment, it is also important to note that any voter who fails to mark “yes” or “no” on their ballot for this amendment, will essentially have cast a “no” vote.

Today’s issues

Sandra (“I want my birth control free”) Fluke, the supposed darling of the DNC, gave a speech in a Reno, Nev., grocery store parking lot recently. Total number who attended? Ten! Looks like women are smart enough to figure out there are more important issues facing them today.

Obama vs. Reagan

In response to the piece entitled “Deja Vu” regarding Obama’s handling of Benghazi. It is so typical of Democrats to always divert the incompetencies of this president by bringing up the past. It would seem the writer is comparing terrorist events in Lebanon with that of the one in Libya. First, the attack in Lebanon was a truck filled with explosives and a suicide bomber rammed the gate, killing many Americans. In Libya, there was a seven-hour battle that was watched in real time and our commander in chief did nothing. Secondly, Reagan called it what it was and that was a terrorist attack, while our do-nothing president attempted to sell us on the fact that this was a protest over a movie. Thus, he lied to the American people to save his hope of re-election. Thirdly, how can you compare Reagan to Obama when it was Reagan who ordered the attack on Libya after the bombing of a discothèque in Berlin. The ultimate responsibility falls on the president and instead of going on liberal-based talk shows, he should have done the job that the American people pay him to do and that is to lead, not spend every waking moment trying to get re-elected.

Door is open

President Bush laid out the framework for ending the war in Iraq ,leaving a contingent of troops to protect the hard-won gains we had made. President Obama, using his skill at negotiating, was not able to reach a status-of-forces agreement so Iraq kicked us out, which leaves the door wide open for radical Islamists to move in.

Presidential profanity

President Obama, in desperation, has begun to use profanity in public. It degrades the high office of the presidency. Whatever happened to the great and very inspirational slogans he kept repeating when he was first running for president? He knows his chances at getting re-elected are nil so, to paraphrase Clint Eastwood, “He did not do the job so he gotta go.” No BS, no nothing!

Zion taxpayers

The losers in Zion are the taxpayers. We need new people to take over Zion in the upcoming elections. If they have not been able to fix it in 10 years or more, why give these politicians another term? Vote them out. Back some of these younger men and women to take charge, get rid of the nepotism and families.

The evil rich

Will Democrats forever throw out ridiculous, divisive, stereotyped phrases like “tax breaks for the wealthy” the evil “1 percent,” and “party of the rich.” Isn’t it obvious to any thinking person that there are just as many rich Democrats as Republicans? Haven’t we all seen the statistics, such as those from CNN Money that explain the top 1 percent of income-tax filers actually already pay 37 percent of all income taxes collected? Or that their average effective tax rate has been 24 percent, which is more than twice that of the rest of the population? These Democrats seem to live in a fantasy world of their own making, where the rich are all evil. Some of them would have been right at home in revolutionary France, laughing and joking while the aristocrats were marched to the guillotine.

Social Security costs

Trying to prepare for 2013, I thought since they notified us about the increase in Social Security of 1.7 percent, they would have the cost and deductible for Part B Medicare. But it looks like it will not be available till mid-November until after the elections.

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