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Updated: January 1, 2013 1:48AM

No tricks

Parents of the children in my Gurnee neighborhood, the Woodlawn/Magnolia area, should be very proud of their children. We had approximately 150 trick-or-treaters and all were well behaved and polite. Even the youngest children said thank you and one girl, dressed as a cowgirl, gave hand-written thank you notes. They were all well behaved.

How many chances?

Regarding the article “Richmond back in jail for probation violations.” Now here is a case of a young man that was given every chance in the book. He had a golden opportunity set before him because of his extreme basketball playing abilities and he took advantage of it. Then he threw it all away and continues to just throw it in the faces of everybody that thought he was great. All the people wanted to give him a second chance, but how many chances do you give an individual that just laughs it off and has no regard for the law whatsoever.

ComEd votes

I hope that anyone who is going to vote in this election will keep in mind those legislators who are on the ballot that also voted to grant ComEd an enormous increase at our expense for the next 10 years.

Navy ships

Mitt Romney seems to be making a big issue over the number of ships we have available today. It seems to me this matter came up during the Bush administration. We were told that because of the improved mechanics and engineers, we don’t need the number of ships that we used to need. They’re much faster today and have much greater capabilities. So, once again, Mitt Romney is bringing up an issue that was settled a number of years ago in an effort to cast doubt on our war system today.

Leaf patrol

North Chicago doesn’t provide curbside leaf pickup. All the homeowners know this, and the landscapers that are hired should know that. I’ve seen both residents and landscapers use a leaf blower to blow leaves not just to the parkway, but right out into the street. Their yards may look nice, but the leaves blow into my yard. They also block our sewers. It shouldn’t be too hard for police on patrol to see the evidence in the street and ticket the homeowners responsible.

The message

Thank you, Linda Fuillerton, for the Billy Graham’s message in the News-Sun on Oct. 27 on page 25. Thank you, News-Sun, for printing it. We do need to support the biblical definition of marriage between a man and a woman. Protect the sanctity of life and defend our religious freedom.

Changing times

On Nov. 4, change your clock. On Nov. 6, change your president.

It’s funny?

Isn’t it funny that the people from Illinois live in the most-corrupt, worst-run state in the country voting Democrat. They continue to back them up and vote Democratic. What’s it going to take for this state to ever get their act together and get this state back on a permanent footing? It hasn’t been right for years.

Personal finance

The rich do better in an economic downturn because they understand money. Why not have personal finance be a part of the school curriculum starting in third grade? As they advance, teach them shopping for value, how to save for college, what is compound interest, how credit cards work, along with loans and banks accounts. Finally, as they get into high school, teach them how to plan for retirement. Most people don’t understand, so how can they teach their children? When people’s personal finances are in a mess, how do you expect society to be.


I have never seen a political party that is so obsessed with sex. All the Republicans seem to be able to talk about is birth control, abortion and rape.

Election countdown

Why even bother talking about how many days left until the election. Everybody is voting already.

Voting show

In Lake County, we can call our clerk’s office and ask for absentee ballots and receive them within two to three days. Now our president has to make a big show to come to Chicago at 3 p.m. during rush hour, closing down expressways to vote in his precinct in Chicago. How much did this cost the taxpayers for him not to use his head and be practical?

Home district

Get off the free-flowing insult bandwagon and admit that presidents vote in their home districts. It has nothing to do with Obama voting early. Presidents vote in their home districts whether early or on a typical voting day. He didn’t cost the taxpayers any money. All he did was just vote like all good citizens. I’m sick and tired of these people in the TOTC cutting down the president. It’s just ridiculous.

Whirlwind campaign

If Obama is so good, then why does he need to go on a whirlwind campaign extravaganza? This is disgusting and truly shows he does not care for America. He is only out for himself.

Libya hearings

The Democratic-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee announced it will hold closed-door sessions on the attack in Libya that caused the deaths of our ambassador and three others. They will start these sessions on Nov. 15, after the election. This is over two months after the attack. This is unacceptable. We taxpayers are paying their salaries and we have a right to know the truth about what happened over there and how the Obama administration screwed up and lied about it.

Big difference

If all the people knew exactly what was going to happen with Obama, they wouldn’t vote for him, they would vote for Romney. Anytime somebody wants to socialize everything, they tell you how your money is going to be spent, not how you spend your money, but what your money is going to be spent on. Big difference.

At risk

Thank God Leon Panetta is not the local police or fire chief. He announced the reason why they didn’t intervene in the attack on the Libyan consulate was because he didn’t want to put military personnel at risk. That’s kind of what I thought they were over there for. If he was your local police or fire chief, he wouldn’t send anybody out until after the fire or robbery was over and the news media gave him the all clear. Now you know why we’ve got to get rid of Obama.


I don’t hate the rich, I hate tax cheats.

Part-time bemefits

Why are the aldermen of Waukegan getting medical insurance, dental insurance and life insurance on a part-time job? That is why the city is in such bad shape, it’s the budget. We need to do something.

Serious problems

I’m kind of disgusted with our leader of our country and his party. He seems to think everything is a joke. We have serious problems here and he needs to grow up and act like an adult. It doesn’t matter, win or lose, he needs to act more presidential.

Hundred games

What was said about Ozzie Guillen is what I could say the same about the Cubs. They lost a hundred games this season but they didn’t fire their manager. They should have.

Jobless numbers

I’m tired of reading in the newspaper that unemployment is going down. The only reason why the rate is going down is because they’re taking back their extensions. It used to be 20 weeks and now there only 16 weeks and that might end as of Dec. 29.

Their fault

The blood of the ambassador of Benghazi and the three Navy SEALs is on the hands of Leon Panetta, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. They caused those men to die.

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