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Leaf pick up

I’m glad someone else feels the way I do about people who put their leaves in the street. They are not supposed to be there. They should be piled on the parkway. When the leaf pickup truck comes, they will move the leaves out onto the street to be picked up.

Updated: January 8, 2013 1:25AM

Front page

Why was The News-Sun the only paper not featuring our 44th president on the front page? I thought the commander in chief was the highest office in these United States? So please explain why President Obama is on page 10 with a microscopic picture regarding his re-election? I really do not see how Nerheim Wins story with a large color picture takes precedence over President Obama! Come on, Lake County News-Sun, show some respect!

It’s a shame

So you poor baby didn’t get a sticker when you voted! What a shame! Maybe they could channel that $25,000 for the harbor study to buy you some stickers! Or, you could go back to kindergarten! And the person who wants to know who is responsible for recreational sex of an unwed female and child support with taxpayer’s money — it’s the person she’s having recreational sex with!

Voting stickers

My wife voted on the first day of early voting and they didn’t have any “I voted” stickers. I voted Election Day in Gurnee and they still didn’t have the stickers and they said it wasn’t in the budget. Why didn’t they have the stickers? Are they that expensive.

Four years

Now that President Obama has been re-elected, can we all get along for the next four years?

Reagan reaction

We have finally reached the Thermidorian Reaction to the Reagan Revolution!

Did it again

Well, we did it again. Mitt really thought he had this election. We did it again. The president has four more years and there is nothing you can say.

Blame game

Now that President Obama has been elected to another term, my only question is: Who is he going to blame now?

GOP help

This old Democrat wants to thank Bob Cook, chairman of the Lake County Republican Party, for all of the help he gave us in the recent election. By refusing to put together any kind of an Early Voting program, he let us beat several Republican candidates that we could not have beaten without his help. Hopefully, the Republicans will keep him in this office while we take over all of the critical offices in Lake County.

Work together

The people have spoken. President Obama has been re-elected. Now it would be nice if the Democrats and Republicans would put all their disagreements behind them and work together for the good of this county. That would be the best thing to happen.

Bashing each other

I’m ashamed of our country. We have our men/women protecting our country and our lives, and our politicians act like children. They can’t make any major decisions without bashing each other back and forth leaving the country in a dismal state of affairs. If a decision on an item needs to be made, then lock the politicians in a room and don’t let them leave until they have a resolution. This cannot continue. We don’t deserve it and our military people don’t deserve protecting any country while politicians act like this. Vote them all out if it doesn’t stop. And call your congressmen/women.

Break-ins solved

In regard to the article “Seven break-ins solved with citizens tip.” Looks like we have three people on the road to robbing everybody in the area blind. Not because they’re trying to feed a family, but because they wanted to play video games, so they stole televisions and other stuff.

Landslide victory

I see Jesse Jackson Jr. was re-elected in a landslide, even though he’s still at the Mayo Clinic, is facing indictment and may never be able to work again because of mental problems. Then, too, Derrick Smith was re-elected in spite of the fact that he was indicted on bribery charges and booted out of the Illinois House of Representatives. The only conclusion I can draw from facts like these is that we have a lot of very ignorant people in this state, who just see the word “Democrat” in front of the candidate’s name and choose on that basis alone. The future of the country demands an informed electorate, and we just don’t have that.

Robocall overload

I was out of town for 11 days and when I got back I had 48 phone calls on my phone and 22 messages. All but three were robocalls. They clogged up the messaging center so bad that nobody else could get in. I’m not going to put up with this. This has to stop. Did they really think that I was going to vote for any of these people?

Free ride

To me it’s amazing that you can actually have a congressman, Jessie Jackson Jr., not show up to his job for seven to eight months and get elected again so his wife could take his seat. Welcome to socialism. All you middle-class folks get prepared to pay for somebody else’s free ride.

Hillary in ’16

To all the Republicans out there: Guess what, in four more years you are still not going to win because Hillary Clinton will run and she will kick butt.

Two more years

Hey you Republicans, go back in your caves. We’ll see you in two years or so.

The give-mes

It looks like the give-mes won again. Give me this and give me that. I’m so disgusted.

Look forward

Thank you, people. Look forward to another four years of the president telling us we need to tighten our belt, we all have to pitch in while his family travels all over the world on private vacations with family and friends while we are all eating scraps, trying to survive paying health insurance and trying to keep a roof over our heads. So long, America. It was nice knowing you.

Making ends meet

For those of you that voted for Obama, congratulations. You have more free stuff coming to you. For those of you that went the other way, I’m sorry to say just try to make ends meet and survive.

Free stuff

Thank you, Obama supporters. You have now given me even more reason to apply for all the free benefits such as free cellphone, free health care, Link card and everything else I can get for nothing. Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

Milking the system

The only problem with the winner Nov. 6 is there hasn’t been this much division in this country since the Civil War. All this milking the system, especially the welfare system, has to stop. I’m not going to keep working so other people can take it from me.

Jereme Richmond

Who cares about Jereme Richmond? He continues to break the law. He is not responsible, he has no focus and he breaks the law. I would not give him any press.

A gentle touch

How anyone can be for the death penalty and also against abortion is beyond me. The late Cardinal Bernardin talked about life as a seamless garment, being equally concerned for the unborn and the children living in poverty, for the elderly and the single mother. The way to end abortion is not by legislation or intimidation, but education. The gentle touch is always more effective then the iron fist.

Hanging baskets

Wouldn’t it be nice and inviting to have hanging floral baskets on the lamp posts in downtown Mundelein for the spring and summer months? There are other communities that have that and it looks so pretty.

Pointless program

Walgreens has two stores in Libertyville and one in Lake Bluff. But there is no flyer with the sales for the week in any of the papers. I called corporate several times and they do not return calls. Yet, they want us to participate in their point program. How do we know what’s on sale if it’s not advertised. You’re right, Walgreens, it’s pointless.


I see Gurnee is having a Veterans Day ceremony, but I will be traveling to one of the other communities like Grayslake or Antioch to celebrate Veterans Day. I refuse to celebrate it in a community with an anti-veteran mayor.

A better life

I want to thank the people for voting for President Obama and keeping him in the White House for another four years. Now the Republicans need to work with the president so we all can have a better life.

Four more years

I’m just sick about this election. The crazy Rush Limbaugh said the “dummy vote” would make Obama win and it looks like it did. I’m 72 years old, and I just hope I can live four more years to see the end of this abomination.

Military voting

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the third presidential election in a row that some excuse was found to disenfranchise our military from voting. The Democrats go out to praise the military but make sure that their vote is taken away.

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