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Updated: January 9, 2013 1:45AM

Time to unite...

Whether or not you agree with Obama being re-elected, we should all get together and unite. Let’s make America the strong country she once was that we can all be proud of. God bless America and God bless our military near and far and let’s keep them safe. Hey, let’s start flying some American flags to show our support for this great country.

... Or not

Romney didn’t have a chance with the 10 million freeloaders using my tax dollars to get him elected.

One-party country

The Electoral College makes it increasingly impossible for a Republican to win the presidency. We should do away with the Electoral College and just use the popular vote or we will be a one-party country just like the Soviet Union and other tyrannies.

Just one

Why is everybody beefing so much about Juan Rivera suing Lake County? Look at all the rest of these people that have been let out of jail on DNA evidence. Rivera is just one of them.

Next four years

Another election has come and gone with very disappointing results, again. I just hope and pray for the sake of this country that in the next four years it does get better. It’s a long shot and I hope to be proven wrong. I hope this man does do his job for a change. All you welfare kings and queens that voted for him and think that’s the way to go, I’d like to talk to you all again in another four years and see how that’s working for you.

Reds and blues

The election is over! It’s not about red and blue anymore! We’re purple now so forget about not getting along! We’re united and you work for the voters, not the red or blue team!

Two hurricanes

If you think the Democrats live in La-La Land when Hurricane Sandy blew in, what do you call the Republicans when Hurricane Katrina came to town? It was in much worse condition and things were being totally disrupted, unlike New York or New Jersey. They at least have some help and things are being taken care of.

The easy way

The election is over and it seems like the American public has spoken. One of the main issues of this election seemed to be to demonize the rich for the sake of the poor. I think I’ve decided that rather than put forth a hard-working effort to be rich so the government can take it, I might as well just be poor and let the government give it to me. It’s much easier that way.

Doubled prices

Gas prices continued to drop before the election. Obama isn’t back in office 24 hours and up went the gas prices. The price of a gallon of gas has doubled through his first term. Does that mean he’ll double it again since he needed a second term to finish what he started?

Beach Park social

The Beach Park board meets twice monthly and basically it’s a social gathering for those elected officials. We have very few, if any, citizens that show. We’ve got unkept yards, houses and most of the roads are patch jobs. We’ve had one new business in seven years that was paid with TIF money which uses tax money from other benefits to the village. We need leadership, we need it now and we need our existing board to step forward.

Golden eggs

The Cook County Board, and by extension the Democratic Party, never heard of the goose that lays the golden eggs. By raising taxes on cigarettes to total almost $7 a pack, adding slot machine taxes of $1,000 a machine and taxing video poker machines, they will find they are killing the goose.

GOP candidates

I’m an independent voter and have voted Republican about 70 percent of the time. But if the Republican Party keeps putting goofy people up for election, then I vote Democrat.

Dancing in the streets

How could the Democrats give Madigan and Cullerton a super majority after they have totally ruined the economy of Illinois? How could the Democrats vote in an incumbent with a 7.9 percent unemployment rate, 49 million people on food stamps and $6 trillion in new debt during his term? This means that Bernanke will keep printing more worthless currency until the dollar collapses. Yet the Democrats are dancing in the streets because they are going to get more free stuff. This is a nightmare!

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