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A stranger in a strange land

DAN MORAN: Luol Deng looked lost and lonely, not participating in game action but still wearing the unfamiliar crimson and yellow of the Cleveland Cavaliers instead of the Chicago Bulls red he wore for many above-average years.

A different way to appreciate the meaning of Easter

EDITORIAL: Easter is nearly as complicated for non-believers as it those who piously celebrate the highest moment in Christianity — Easter Sunday.

Talk of the County

Not-so-smart mom: I just love it when I see a car with a “Baby on board” in the window and she’s going 25 miles over the speed limit. She stops at a red light to put on her make-up and is talking on her cellphone with her baby in the car. Wow, talk about an intelligent mother. You need a license to fish and drive, but you don’t need a license to have a kid. Unbelievable.

Get ready for El Niño heat wave again

EDITORIAL: We didn’t want to experience a week of what resembled spring without a dose of reality. Weather reality usually is bad news, but bad news often depends where you are.

Talk of the County

Enforce the laws: Would there really be a need to raise property taxes if Waukegan would enforce the ordinances that they have on the books, such as loud music costing $300 per ticket? They have money, but they don’t want to hire cops yet, they want to raise our property taxes.

Remembering a theater ‘visionary’

DAN MORAN: Ray Shepardson died this week, 10 years after the theater preservationist departed the Genesee Theatre restoration project in acrimony and left behind a story of civic struggle and success that unfolds to this day.

Waukegan shows it knows what progress is

EDITORIAL: The blight of derelict homes in Waukegan got to be blight because the city paid too little attention for decades.

Talk of the County

Costner irony: Do other area residents see the irony of the movie “Draft Day”? Kevin Costner plays a general manager of a professional sports team who will do whatever is necessary for his team to succeed. This compared to his real-life lack of involvement in letting his own Lake County Fielders team go down the tubes?

Something is wrong in sheriff’s department

EDITORIAL: Whatever the employment future holds for Lake County Sheriff’s Lt. Scott Morrison, the evidence in the recent Merit Commission hearing was shocking.

Waukegan teachers respond to District 60 letter

It is unfortunate that this District sent out a letter and attempted to demonize the teachers in the press by insinuating that because they are asking for fair and reasonable compensation, they are being “greedy.” In response to the District’s letter, I want to provide you with the Union’s perspective.

Talk of the County

Cruel move: I don’t think removing cigarettes from soldiers fighting overseas makes any sense. It is hard enough for one to quit smoking under the most ideal situation. Removing cigarettes from the valiant men and women on the front lines is cruel. How often do you sneak a smoke, Mr. 0bama?

Accident victim thankful for EMTs

DAN MORAN: No one wants to become a headline in an unplanned way, especially in the middle of a volunteer community event that you would prefer to have all the attention.

Talk of the County

Hole in the wall: Regarding the article “Change for the better.” Zion needs to get the state police and the national guard to go through all of those Section 8 housing projects and arrest every thug that’s living in those dumps.

It’s time for passing ‘Kephart’s Law’

EDITORIAL: Technology eventually catches up to the evil that humans inflict on one another, but developing the will to employ technological shields can be interminable.

Talk of the County

Kudos to athletes: Congratulations to North Chicago High School. You’ve made us all very proud. All the athletes in Lake County have conducted themselves as professionals and adults. I wish them all a bright future in the pearls of whatever road they may travel. Thank you so much, Lake County athletes.

‘Generation Next’ talks about pot

DAN MORAN: Back in the 1970s, when not only Cheech but also Chong were household names, legalization of the duo’s trademark substance seemed to be days, if not hours, from happening.