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This may be your time to shine

DAN MORAN: Have you ever wanted to be an actor? A model? A subject in a video clip that is trending on social media for reasons other than humiliation or disaster? Well, the looming summer tourist season is bringing with it an opportunity to star in a locally produced commercial for all things Lake County, and your casting call is coming up next month.

The ‘why’ of a teen’s death never answers enough

EDITORIAL: When a teenager is shot to death, we yearn for answers. We seek out hope that there is some sense to be made of what appears intrinsically senseless.

Talk of the County

What about Winchester? I read the article in the News-Sun regarding the new palace, or the new courthouse, for the judges, lawyers, and criminals will be finished by mid 2015. The new Winchester House was supposed to be finished in 2012. Where’s the new Winchester House deal at?

Just look up: Lyrid meteor shower is here

EDITORIAL: Even occasional amateur skywatchers know something about meteor showers, those lovely cosmic sparklers that sprint across the night skies.

MY TURN/MARK C. CURRAN: Strides made for improvement

I am writing to address the Lake County News-Sun editorial dated April 16, 2014. In the editorial, the Lake County News-Sun presents some of the facts from a termination hearing of a Lake County Sheriff lieutenant.

Talk of the County

Welcome in my neighborhood: Jerry Hobbs and Juan Rivera are welcome to live in my neighborhood and I’m sure other people with brains would welcome them, too.

’Tis the season for casino talks

DAN MORAN: If it is almost May in Illinois, then it is time to start talking about casino expansion, whether or not it ever will happen. At the very least, the final month of the current legislative session is a time when observers on the gaming front tout the details of the latest and greatest expansion bill, hoping everyone has forgotten how these things usually end with stalled vote, a governor’s veto or a similar whimper.

Talk of the County

Stand-up guy: I’d like to commend 4th Ward Alderman Harold Beadling for being a stand-up guy. It’s obvious this guy loves and cares about Waukegan because I see him everyday downtown and around his ward making sure it’s clean. It really shows that he cares.

Days when ‘Mad Men’ ruled the world

EDITORIAL: Two events are approaching that, depending on your age and confluence with modern cultural awareness, will show either that you’re hip to modernity or a doddering old fool.

Talk of the County

Spend wisely: People spend large amounts of money by joining gyms to exercise and stay healthy. But they also spend large amounts of money to hire someone to mow their grass and do all their yard work. It probably makes sense to them. But, whatever happened to the old adage, “Never pay someone to do what you can do for yourself?”

A stranger in a strange land

DAN MORAN: Luol Deng looked lost and lonely, not participating in game action but still wearing the unfamiliar crimson and yellow of the Cleveland Cavaliers instead of the Chicago Bulls red he wore for many above-average years.

A different way to appreciate the meaning of Easter

EDITORIAL: Easter is nearly as complicated for non-believers as it those who piously celebrate the highest moment in Christianity — Easter Sunday.

Talk of the County

Not-so-smart mom: I just love it when I see a car with a “Baby on board” in the window and she’s going 25 miles over the speed limit. She stops at a red light to put on her make-up and is talking on her cellphone with her baby in the car. Wow, talk about an intelligent mother. You need a license to fish and drive, but you don’t need a license to have a kid. Unbelievable.

Get ready for El Niño heat wave again

EDITORIAL: We didn’t want to experience a week of what resembled spring without a dose of reality. Weather reality usually is bad news, but bad news often depends where you are.

Talk of the County

Enforce the laws: Would there really be a need to raise property taxes if Waukegan would enforce the ordinances that they have on the books, such as loud music costing $300 per ticket? They have money, but they don’t want to hire cops yet, they want to raise our property taxes.

Remembering a theater ‘visionary’

DAN MORAN: Ray Shepardson died this week, 10 years after the theater preservationist departed the Genesee Theatre restoration project in acrimony and left behind a story of civic struggle and success that unfolds to this day.