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Updated: September 30, 2012 6:19AM

JFK’s tax returns

I would like to address the current hoopla about Mitt Romney and his personal fortune, offshore bank accounts and Swiss bank accounts.

First of all, who in the Democratic Party, or either party, made any furor back when John F. Kennedy ran for president about his personal fortune, and that of the whole Kennedy family? They were, and are, fabulously wealthy and had been for decades.

Their private and commercial properties here and abroad are a matter of record. And you better believe that they used every means possible to shelter that fortune from as much tax as possible, including offshore havens and bank accounts. But where was the furor then from either side, the demands for JFK’s tax returns?

And when John Kerry sought the Democratic nomination for president, where were the demands for him to disclose his total Heinz-begotten fortune and tax returns for 10 years? And don’t doubt for a minute that he hasn’t sheltered as much as possible off shore.

But all of that is entirely legal. And it’s as legal for them and others with vast holdings to do the same, and that includes Mitt Romney.

The Democrats are blowing a lot of smoke on this issue, led by Harry Reid and others because they need to distract the public from the really important issues of the economy, health care, etc.

And I applaud Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan for vice president. When I heard President Obama say shortly afterward that he “...fundamentally disagrees with Ryan’s” plan for budget control” — well, I would hope so!

Our country needs a clearly different approach to rein in government spending than the failed plans of the last four years.

Ted Heitman


Parental blame

We are a nation of excuses today. We have many kids being raised without a father or mother. We have lack of discipline in households.

We have laws that are not enforced as many attorneys look for ways to get their clients off. We have less kids and families attending church. We have young kids who do not want to work, so they join gangs and sell drugs and get cash. We have a lack of respect in our society today.

Parents are the blame for 75 percent of crimes being committed today by their kids. Yes, we have violent movies, violent video games, lack of discipline at home and in our schools. But parents are the core problem today.

Instead of putting their foot down and having their kids pay the price for bad behavior, they come up with lame excuses for their kids’ actions. I sometimes wish we had the draft in place so these kids could get off the streets and experience the military.

What is really sad? People blame the police. The police cannot be everywhere, but we have people who know who the criminals and drug dealers are, but they do not turn them in.

We will never have safe neighborhoods until we all pitch in and get rid of the scum by telling police the people who are doing these crimes. I wish parents would spend more time with their kids and getting them involved in community events.

It is never to late to save a child from a life of crime, but it requires hard work.

Gerry Cook


Gun safety

Gun advocates talk about law-abiding people needing guns for protection. Every day we hear about gun-toting criminals and the crimes they commit.

Extremely rarely do you hear about a victim who used a gun to protect themselves and if so, it was usually a business owner or an off-duty law enforcement officer. More often than using a gun for protection, you hear about law-abiding gun owners whose guns were stolen from their home during a burglary.

Even more often than hearing about a gun used for protection, you hear about children or adults who were accidently killed or injured by law-abiding gun owners’ guns in their own homes.

Not being an actuary or knowing the statistics, there is a pattern here and based on what I’ve observed through various news media, guns for personal protection is not the answer. A lot of guns used in crimes are from law-abiding citizens whose guns are stolen from their own homes or vehicles or people who “legally” purchase or sell guns to the criminals. If you’re going to have a gun, you should practice gun safety. This means you keep your gun secure and locked up, not in the bottom dresser drawer or hidden in the toy box.

Educate yourself and all your family, including children, about gun safety. That means keeping your gun(s) secure and locked, household residents knowledgeable about the gun(s), including children. They need to know what they can and can’t touch, just like you teach them about hot water or climbing on furniture.

If you really want to bear arms, join the military. They have great protection, like tanks, destroyers, missiles, to name a few things.

No, I don’t care about guns either way, was in law enforcement briefly, am a legal immigrant, my parents are from a Communist country where they had guns. Educate yourselves, then make your decisions.

Olga White


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