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Updated: October 14, 2012 1:30PM

Pushing an agenda

I noticed the anti-gun cartoon in the The News-Sun’s Sept. 1 edition and just wanted to rebut it.

The cartoonist attempts to negate the concept of armed law-abiding citizens having a deterring effect on crime by comparing firearms to junk food and cigarettes.

Perhaps he should research some readily available data that shows that states that recognize that citizens are not criminals and recognize the right to defend themselves have decreases in armed violence like robbery, rapes and murders. Of course, if he did that he couldn’t push an agenda.

While the “massacre”-type events hyped by news outlets to spur sales are greatly outnumbered by the 1.2 to three million lawful uses of firearms in self defense that occur every year.

Douglas Winston


Proper site

I applaud Governor Quinn’s recent decision to veto gambling expansion in Illinois.

My understanding is that Senator Terry Link supports legislation that would place a casino in the metropolis of Park City and that there would be a revenue sharing agreement with the city of Waukegan. This makes as much sense as placing a casino in Cicero and sharing the revenue with the city of Chicago.

Senator Link needs to remember that the original legislation allowing gambling in Illinois was intended for economically depressed cities such as Waukegan. I am well aware of the fact that Senator Link was for a casino in Waukegan before he was against it.

I also understand that at one time Waukegan officials were not interested in any more schemes that involved casinos. Lord only knows how many times Waukegan residents have been told that a casino was in their future only to have the rug pulled out from under them. One can understand the reluctance of city officials to jump on that bandwagon once again.

Waukegan has a lakefront to develop, roads that are crumbling and a tax base that has eroded beyond belief. If gambling is to be expanded into this area, Waukegan is the correct and proper location for such a venture.

If Senator Link feels that Waukegan is unworthy of this project then I would ask that he please explain his reasoning to the readers of The News-Sun

Don Pearson


Twisting the truth

In his speech before the Republican convention, Paul Ryan, Republican candidate for vice president and darling of the extreme right, showed a fondness for misrepresentation, half-truths and deception.

An obvious example was blaming President Obama for the closing of a GM plant in his hometown, the closing of which was started in 2008 when Bush was in office.

More subtle were his assertions such as Obama gutted the work requirement for welfare recipients; blaming Obama for not fully embracing the Simpson-Bowles Deficit Commission when he and his fellow Republicans from the House of Representatives killed the effort; and his implication that the $716 billion cut from health care, which he also proposed, would result in a cut in benefits.

Then, even though roughly a third of the stimulus was in the form of tax cuts, he declared that all taxpayers got out of the stimulus was “more debt.”

Finally, despite the fact that the new health care law relies on private insurance, he calls it “government controlled” It makes you wonder what he thinks about Medicare, Medicaid and veterans health care.

Despite his twisting of the truth, I was not prepared to say he was a congenital liar. However, when he claimed to have run the marathon in around three hours, it appears that he is.

Runners of all distances are acutely aware of their times. That is what the race is all about. A three-hour marathon is world class time.

Ryan might be able to fool Republicans who seem to believe a lot of strange things as long as it fits their dogma. But he can’t fool runners.

Paul W. Kaiser Jr.


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