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Updated: November 12, 2012 11:55AM

New hires

Seven new Waukegan firefighter hires at $52,000 a year were sworn in and not one was from Waukegan. They were all out-of-towners — Marengo, North Aurora, Grayslake, Lake Villa, Chicago, Mundelein.

No females nor minorities, either. We need Waukegan residents who already know the community. The new hires will take their paychecks and spend them elsewhere.

Margaret Carrasco, Waukegan

The joke’s on us

We’ve all now heard of the $53 million allegedly plundered from the taxpayers of Dixon, Ill., where outside authorities (the FBI) have had to intervene with this scam apparently taking place over the last 22 years. It is an absolutely staggering figure for a town of less than 16,000 residents.

It’s easy for some to laugh at others’ misfortunes. Laugh it up if you want, but understand the joke is truly on all of us in Illinois.

For Dixon is merely a symptom, a product of our ailing, corrupted state. Those entrusted with public power across northern Illinois are cheating us wherever they have built up a network of political “connections” consisting of lying politicians and attorneys who aren’t exclusive to one party. Corruption is rampant in both.

It’s largely why we’re tens of billions in the red. And the problems for all practical purposes go unaddressed.

It’s easy to blame the parasites stealing from us or the worthless auditors or the political peers who take a bribe to look the other way or the state’s attorneys who won’t do their job of enforcing our laws or the “other party.” What’s harder to do is to look in the mirror and take blame yourself for not voting with education and principles, or maybe worse, not voting at all.

Voters must start holding accountable all mayors, township officials, County Board members, state’s attorneys, legislators — all the way up the ladder of power in Illinois — regardless of the letter “D” or “R” they place after their names. Failure to hold these charlatans accountable is nothing short of feeding the corruption.

So the next time we laugh at the 16,000 chumps in Dixon who have been cheated of so much over the last 22 years, we should take a look in the mirror and make sure we also laugh at ourselves, particularly if we vote exclusively “D” or “R” because it’s somehow just the “other party” that is the corrupt one.

Kirk Denz, Ingleside

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