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Updated: December 8, 2012 6:36AM

November days

As the pages of the calendar flip over, and the year passes from month to month, the month of November is now with us once again bringing us two notable days of national observance.

In chronological sequence, the first is Thanksgiving Day. The spirit of which dates back to the faith of the early Pilgrims who came from England to the New World. They thanked God for their safety and well being with a festive feast which has become tradition.

Second is Nov. 11, Veterans Day. Originally known as Armistice Day, the day of cease fire to end World War I. On this day, we honor all men and women that actively served in time of war and some of whom may still bear the wounds and injuries of conflict, and also, to remember those who gave of their lives for our nation in mortal conflict.

The ultimate anyone can give for their God or their country is their life. The poppy, found growing on a World War I battlefield, emerged as a symbol of this ultimate giving. The words, lest we forget, were added later.

As this has become and is part of our American culture and history, the memory never escapes us as long as we have veterans who have returned from mortal conflict of war without arms, legs, no arms, no legs, mental disorders and other injuries. Some may be our next door neighbor. One was mine who suffered from Agent Orange.

The muddy battlefields of war and the thunderous naval battles at sea have no equal. With the poppy of World War I as a symbol of the silence of war’s end, we the living gratefully say: Lest we forget.

Our strength as a nation lies in the words of Thomas Jefferson penned in the Declaration of Independence wherein it is written: “ .... with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence.” This spirit is the dominating force that drives the soul of America. Francis Scott Key penned it fittingly in the Star Spangled Banner: “... and this our motto be, in God is our trust.”

Joseph Neumann

North Chicago

Rich propaganda

There is a very prominent narrative from the right that undeserving poor people are getting our tax dollars and somehow ruining our nation. It’s just silly.

The wealthiest Americans now control more of our collective wealth than at any time since the Great Depression. And the poor have fewer assets than at any time since then.

Over the last few decades, our nation’s wealth has been transferred from the lower and middle classes to the very wealthy. The numbers are quite clear and the trend very obvious.

All the arguments about “socialism” and “the entitlement class” taking over our nation are just propaganda from the wealthy. Their aim is to scare us into letting them continue rule us. So far, they’ve been quite successful.

Dan Roberts, Beach Park

Candy Day

The Libertyville Lions Club had a successful Candy Day fund-raiser Oct. 13 and Oct. 14.

Volunteers stood out by local businesses and collected over $3,000 from the generous people of Libertyville.

Thank you from the Libertyville Lions Club.

Peter R. Tosto

Lions of Libertyville


In America

Only in America can our embassy which is by international law, American soil, be attacked by terrorists killing our ambassador to Libya and three other American government employees. Our government’s response was reprehensible and despicable from the home of the free and the land of our brave, by our elected and appointed officials.

No one knows where the buck stops anymore or who is telling the truth. The State Department received communications advising the White House of the conditions. Because this was an election year, this dastardly attack on our citizens has been swept under the rug without a response from the White House.

Only in America can our government wallow in unconceivable debt. No doubt this has happened over many years by many different hands of both parties. This major issue has always been an issue for the working men and women of America.

We have elected well-educated leaders having been well compensated with benefits unknown to the majority Americans. We all know how our unsustainable, insatiable debt will be resolved. On the backs of all taxpayers, regardless of party affiliation.

If those in power continue to do what they are doing, the working men and women of this country will continue to receive the same benefits, perhaps even more of the same we are now receiving. The same seeds are being planted in the same garden.

Only in America, which is “A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today, or what it is trying to do,” warned President Wilson, nearly 100 years ago. In the same speech he remarked, “America was born a Christian Nation.”

Allowing the Ten Commandments in school may help our youth to understand that there are absolute beliefs for a moral compass from a higher power. These laws have never changed and are relevant today.

Michael Templeton

Beach Park

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