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Updated: October 19, 2012 6:07AM

Selfish teachers

Regarding the Lake Forest teachers. It’s such a shame that these people who are educated and are supposed to love their jobs and there to do the good for the children have to strike at this time. They’re so selfish when there are people who don’t even have money to buy their pencils, books, lunch money and have lost their homes. Shame on you teachers. You are greedy, selfish and inconsiderate people.

Voter safeguards

If memory served me correctly, The News-Sun reported a story that someone from Chicago came to Waukegan and dropped off an extraordinary number of voter applications at Willard Helander’s office. She didn’t process the applications, nor did the person who dropped them off file a lawsuit stating voter discrimination or not performing the duties of the office. There must be people out there or groups trying to commit voter fraud. Why not interview Willard Helander, News-Sun, and have her give her thoughts on voter fraud? She’s an expert and has held the office for many years. I’m sure there are probably some safeguards that she would like to put into place. Let’s hear them.

School taxes

I’d like to know when Illinois is going to start helping the seniors. When you turn 65, you shouldn’t have to pay for any school tax. It makes no sense paying taxes all your life and when you retire you still have to pay for the schools.

Recycling pays

I buy everything that eventually goes into a recycle bin. I have to wash this stuff so I don’t get bees or flies in the bin. I have to keep the dog away from it. I have to keep the snow out of it so there’s room in it. I have to keep the rain out so mosquitoes don’t breed in the summer. I have to lug it out to the curb each week and for this I get nothing. Meanwhile, the recyclers make big bucks on raw materials they didn’t have to buy. The city gets paid so the city officials have the money to give themselves raises. In the meantime, our taxes go up and our house values go down. I will recycle when I get paid to recycle. Meanwhile, my bin lives in the garage and stores rags.

PTO funds

To the Grayslake PTO treasurer: How low can you get, allegedly taking money earmarked for kids? She’s worse than Chicago’s teachers!

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