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Updated: November 19, 2012 1:35AM

Stand up for America

With 17 foreign countries burning the American flag, it makes me wonder why President Obama ever had a foreign policy. Instead of apologizing for America I think it’s about time he starts standing up for America. These are acts of war and you don’t compromise with terrorists.

Wasting away

I stopped Facebook until after the election. Many Democrats and Republicans fill my Facebook page with political ads from both sides, bashing Obama and bashing Romney. Scary part is that these knuckleheads argue with each other on what they just posted. Total waste of time.

Grandmother’s Club

I would like to know whatever happened to what was known as the Grandmother’s Club back in the ’80s in the Round Lake area. Does that club still exist and does anybody know what happened to it?

GOP deficit

I’m glad that the Republicans had the national debt clock hanging over their stage at the convention hall. It helped remind me that in 12 short years this country had a budget surplus and a deficit of $5.6 trillion. But eight years of rule under George W. Bush and the Republicans that deficit had almost doubled.

Planned attacks

The Libyan embassy attack and the protest, the killings were all planned! Obama wants everyone to believe it was based on a movie! The Islamic Brotherhood is the latest result of these protest all over the world. These people want Obama re-elected because he’s letting them take control! It was planned!

Hug was staged

Everybody thinks that Obama getting hugged in that pizza parlor was spontaneous. You are wrong. Do you think the Secret Service would let somebody get that close to him and give him a big hug? That was all staged. Everybody knows that the government only releases news and things that they want to make them look better, including Obama.

Lock your doors

If you live in North Chicago and you haven’t been locking your doors all this time, chances are you really don’t have anything worth stealing in the first place. Not to worry.

Two crashes

In regard to the comment about the man who got 18 years for reckless homicide, not just a DUI fatal crash. The man had several prior DUIs and shouldn’t even be in this country. As far as this alleged rich girl, she got a $500,000 bond. That’s a lot of money. The trial hasn’t even begun yet and you don’t know what’s going to happen to her. She should get prison.

Asked and answered

Gurnee Mills caters mostly to kids. That’s all you see out there are kids. What do kids buy? Cellphones and expensive athletic shoes. Question answered.

Fully compensated

In response to “Teacher’s time” in TOTC. It states that teachers do not get Social Security because they don’t pay for Social Security. They instead are in another system and they do get complete retirement benefits, much more than the private sector. In addition, they do get unemployment benefits. The article also stated that teachers spend 10 to 12 hours a day preparing for a class. That’s not so. They are fully compensated and given several hours a day during the school day to prepare for the next day’s class.

Spontaneous combustion

President Obama and his ilk tell us over and over again that the crises and demonstrations in the Middle East are spontaneous. Yeah, sure. People there carry automatic weapons and heavy artillery while shopping or while enjoying a stroll in the park. Very smart!

A hard job

Teachers have a hard job because parents don’t parent. Teachers have to teach manners, deal with the children who refuse to do their homework and the consequences of parents who won’t read the information that comes home in the child’s backpack. They won’t get their children in bed at a reasonable time, and on top of that, they’re expected to make sure every child is testing at grade levels and teaching a whole new way due to the national standards. Many have master’s degrees and higher, and easily put in 50 to 60 hours per week. Don’t let the Illinois Legislature reduce their pensions. They do not get Social Security and they’re worth every penny that they’re paid.

Middle-class income

Only a Republican like Mitt Romney would think that the middle-class income in America starts at $250,000. That has to be a joke. If I had $250,000 a year, I would think I was in the upper class — not middle class.

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