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Updated: December 26, 2012 1:25AM

Vote suppression

You want to find voter fraud? Look no further than the Republican Party. The company they hired to do voter registration for them has been caught, again throwing out the registration forms of Democrats. They were caught in Florida, Colorado and Virginia, all important swing states, but the same company was “registering” voters in over a dozen states. Republicans have all but admitted that the only way they can win is by suppressing the votes of all who don’t side with them.

Cutting hours

To the writer who found fault with restaurant chains cutting hours of their workers to part time due to Obamacare. Darden Restaurants plans to cut the number of full-time positions to part-time positions as a result of Obamacare. Obama is to blame. I think that’s why the plan is called Obamacare!

Voting guide

Simple voters guide: Republican, the party of the upper class. Democratic, the party of the middle and lower classes. Vote for candidates from the party of your class.

Leaf pick up

Thanks to the city of Waukegan for providing its residents with curbside leaf pick up. Unfortunately, many residents abuse this privilege by not following the rules. The leaves are picked up starting toward the end of October and are to be placed on the parkway, not in the street. Can’t the City Council make an ordinance and fine the people who put piles of leaves in the streets? If the aldermen would drive around their wards and give warnings, maybe the sewers wouldn’t be so clogged.

Debate disrespect

Obama’s nonverbal mannerisms in the last debate were distracting, much like Biden, without the laugh and silly grin. Obama had a sullen facial expression and I kept wondering why he kept moving his neck back and forth. He clearly thinks he is too good to have to debate, much like he feels he is above attending the daily White House briefings — he missed 60 percent during his term, like no previous president — and negotiating, be it with Congress, Senate or Israel. So, don’t lecture us readers about disrespect. We’ve watched this president display it for four years.

Pottersville Road

A secondary, but poignant theme of director Frank Capra’s 1946 film, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” is how society will decay from within if moral leadership is absent or indifferent. In Antioch, a few bothersome questions have not been answered regarding last year’s grade-changing scandal involving student-athletes of the high school football team. Front page headlines appear almost weekly concerning the activities of certain members of the Antioch Rescue Squad. Even though the populace was not in favor of video gambling, the village trustees are now allowing such activity in the local taverns. Is Antioch starting to become a 2012 version of Pottersville? What’s next?

USPS naps

Mail customers complaining about delivery problems is not unique to Gurnee or Lindenhurst. It’s part of the overall problem facing the U.S. Postal Service, whose managers and employees have failed to realize they are in competition with electronic delivery, along with FedEx and UPS. Until they wake up from their Rip Van Winkle naps, you will continue to get poor service.

Picture ID

I saw President Obama on the news when he voted early. He had to show an ID, which in his case was his Illinois driver’s license at his polling place. So what’s the hangup about showing a picture ID when we vote in the election? Democratic objections to that just went out the window with the president showing his ID to vote.

Cutting defense

It makes no sense. President Obama is and has always been for big government, but wants to cut defense. How can government exist or feel secure if it has a weak defense? If he wants to cut anything, cut the size of government — drastically. It is top heavy, too big, wasteful and corrupt. Many government officials probably do not know beans about bayonets as they sit comfortably in their comfortable offices wasting taxpayers’ money.

Radical elements

Prior to World War II, the majority of Germans, Japanese and Chinese ignored the radical minority in their midst. Then the radicals minority took control resulting in the deaths of millions of the peaceful majority. Are we doomed to seeing history repeat itself as the radical Islamists slowly take control? Just when is the peaceful majority in the Muslim community going to rise up and stop the radical element in their community?

Photo op

I heard on the news what it probably cost the taxpayers for President Obama to fly into Chicago to cast his early vote. The first lady has been all over the airwaves talking about casting her absentee ballot, the president had to turn his in before voting in person. Just think about it. A 45-cent stamp could have helped our struggling postal service and saved the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars that was simply spent on a campaign photo op for the president.

More wealthy

I don’t think people blame the rich for being rich. However, the rich do seem to think they are entitled to all the money. It is a fact that since the beginning of the current recession, the middle class and the poor are getting poorer, yet the rich are becoming disproportionately more wealthy. How is this even moral? And yet many contributors to TOTC think that everything will be OK if the “lazy” would just “get a job.” Think again if you believe tax cuts are going to bring jobs back.

Military service

Candidate Obama criticized candidate Romney for Romney’s lack of military service. Perhaps candidate Obama’s military records are hidden in the same place as his college records.

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