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Updated: December 1, 2012 4:23PM

One question

I watched all three debates, and my only question for all the people out there before Nov. 6 would be: Why should President Obama keep his job when 29 million people are looking for a job?

Outstanding performance

Thank you and congratulations to the Waukegan Symphony and Waukegan High School for their recent performance. It was a outstanding and a delight. Thank you to the players and to the administrators for providing that to us. We are very lucky to live in this community.

Squaring the facts

President Obama is out on the campaign trail misrepresenting the facts again in regard to Governor Romney. He claims that Romney supposedly doesn’t support women. When Romney was governor of Massachusetts, his administration hired more women in higher level positions and cabinet positions than any other administration previous or since. President Obama and his message doesn’t square up with the facts.

Fine job

I am so sick and tired that every other paragraph in your TOTC is about President Obama. He’s doing a very fine job. The man is brilliant and he’s doing a fantastic job. You need to lay off him.

Man of great words

I just want to say that your paper has one of the best writers that I’ve read in any paper in the area. Dan Moran is wonderful. His article about Tiny the spider at Great America and the article about the changing colors of the leaves were both great articles. He’s a poet. Don’t lose him. Thank you, Dan Moran.

Down the tubes

I don’t think young people have much common sense. If you put the same man back in office again, this country will keep going down the tubes. With Romney, we have a chance getting back to our right morals in this country. Obama hasn’t done anything for this country but put us more in debt. He wouldn’t even protect the people overseas that got killed in Benghazi.


Well the seniors finally got our mini-COLA of 1.7 percent. Big hairy deal. Just wait, because Medicare is going to come along and take it away from us. I hope I’m wrong.

Doesn’t matter

It really doesn’t matter whether Romney or Obama wins this election because this country is heading for some really rough times.

Mission unaccomplished

President Obama is claiming mission accomplished when it comes to his dealings with terrorism and al-Qaida. Yet they’re growing, strengthening and allying with the Muslim Brotherhood. They were able to attack and kill our ambassador in a nation where we supported their overthrow of their previous regime.

Happy days

There’s a lot of similarities between Obama and Hoover. Obama had the Occupy Movement Encampment and Hoover had Hooverville. Hoover promised the chicken in every pot and Obama promised that better times will return. Obama’s supposed lower under-employment rate included 46,000 from California that weren’t employed and part-timers as fully employed. Hoover counted 6,000 men selling apples on the street as fully employed. Yep, happy days are here again.

Unfair debates

The debates are totally unfair to the elected president. He has a record for everyone to see. All his opponent has is “I will do this and that,” maybe.

Desperate for votes

Desperation is Obama begging for votes and being very explicit as to where the nearest place to vote is.

Reality check

Yes, Romney is rich and successful. He’s very successful in financial matters as he devastates scores of families across the country in his ever-widening quest for more riches. He doesn’t care about the people he damages as long he has more money in his offshore accounts. He’s not a moral person and is morally bankrupt, as are the companies he bankrupted.

Halloween costumes

For Halloween, Romney is going as Big Bird and President Obama is going as a defeated politician.

Military’s choice

Anybody who has been in the military or has relatives or friends in the military would be best served to vote for Romney. Romney isn’t the person who wants to diminish the America’s finest. He’s the person who wants the best-equipped military in the world. If it wasn’t for our strong military, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to be voting in a democracy today.

Young voters

This is in regard to the people under 30 that like the current president so much. I guess they’re not experienced enough to know the difference between socialism and capitalism. It’s too bad they don’t understand. They just think he’s a cool guy so they vote for him. It’s a shame they think like that.

Foreign policy

President Obama has a foreign policy. He tells our ambassadors: Here’s a gun, go defend yourself.

Get out and vote

Wouldn’t it be nice if the silent majority, during this election time, actually gets out and votes instead of waiting until after the fact and then complaining like little babies that it’s not what they wanted. Everybody get out there and vote and make a difference. Be a proud American and vote.

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