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Updated: December 31, 2012 5:43PM

Beach Park burning

Something seriously has to be done regarding the burning in Beach Park. Our dear neighbor who has heart problems and asthma is usually a prisoner in his own home this time of year. Thanks to the people who burned all day Saturday, he’s now in the hospital. The smoke was so heavy and thick it actually permeated the homes here even though they were closed up. Every night somebody’s burning. Who has that many leaves? It’s so thick, our kids can’t even play outside. Cut up the leaves with a mower or wait until it’s cold outside and the windows are shut.

Ghoulish display

I strongly agree with those who don’t like the ghoulish display in downtown Deerfield for Halloween. I think it’s horrible and I’m avoiding that area. It’s really sad that people put a lot of time and money on such a horrible thing. What kind of people do that?

No obligation

Regarding the YMCA closing. The YMCA was under no obligation to inform the mayor or its citizens at all. It’s an organization that doesn’t have ties to government, so there’s no obligation to let anybody know that they’re having financial difficulty. All things come to an end. In today’s society, the YMCAs are no longer really a viable option financially, and they’re all going to be gone soon. Society is revolving to where it’s not needed anymore and it’s not financially sustainable.

Neighborly roosters

Is anyone else in Waukegan fortunate enough to have a neighbor that also has a rooster? I have a neighbor that has a rooster and I believe it’s illegal in Waukegan.

No more debates

There’s no need to hold a fourth presidential debate because Mitt Romney agreed with everything the president stands for concerning foreign policy.

Part-time business

Walmart business model never was to have full-time employees with benefits. They couldn’t offer discount prices if they did. The point is that companies that once did are switching to that business model.

Taking turns

Thank goodness Mitt Romney had the so-called gall and audacity to ask the president to wait for his turn. The president didn’t want to debate, he wanted to make speeches.

Obama bashers

To all you Obama bashers, ask yourselves this question: Why isn’t Mitt Romney winning Massachusetts, the state he governed; Michigan, the state where he was born; and New Hampshire, the state where he has a residence? Enough said!

Presidential bully

I continue to listen to President Obama’s negative and sarcastic commentary towards his political opponent Mitt Romney. He sounds like a bully who’s picking on another kid. This was the man who was supposed to bring unity and change to America politics.

Stop blaming

Both Republican and Democratic parties have done some good and some bad. Don’t point the finger, because both parties lie and change policies. They are just one man with an important job, not God. Stop the blame game because both parties are to blame.

Commander of what?

Obama likes to refer to himself as the commander in chief as often as he can. He couldn’t be the commander in chief of the Good Ship Lollipop.

Political disaster

Over the last two years, congressional Republicans have forced a 43 percent reduction in the primary FEMA grants that pay for disaster preparedness. Representatives Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and other House Republicans have repeatedly tried to refuse FEMA’s budget requests when disasters are more expensive than predicted, or have demanded that other valuable programs be cut to pay for them. Nothing is more despicable than playing politics with disaster!

Wrong comparison

I’ve also studied presidents’ philosophies. I know someone thought President Obama’s philosophy was similar to President Roosevelt. I feel President Obama’s philosophy is closer to Karl Marx’s philosophy.

Death penalty

How can the Democratic Party be against the death penalty, but be for aborting innocent babies? Obama has voted for late-term abortion and partial abortions. That’s enough reason for me not to vote for him on Nov. 6.

Hasn’t a clue

I’ve been around for awhile and Obama is the worst president we’ve had since Jimmy Carter. This guy has no backbone and doesn’t have a clue. Tell me what you think I should say. He’s a puppet and a fool and he’s got to go.

Lie-detector debate

A real act, not a fiction debate, would have been both candidates hooked up to a lie detector with a huge screen so everyone could see it. Alas, Obama wouldn’t stand for that.

Forced to bear

Republicans believe that rape victims should be forced to bear the children of their rapist. I wonder if they think those rapists should be allowed to have visitation rights for their children, too?

His will

It’s God’s will that the Republican Party will go insane and drive all women out of their party.

His way

Our country should not condone gay, lesbian or homosexual behavior, but the way God created us to be.

Administrative overhead

The College of Lake County doesn’t need any more money. What it needs is somebody that will control the skyrocketing goofy salaries. All the administrative overhead is why the property taxes are going up.

Beach Road

This is for the cry babies in Beach Park that are whining about Beach Road. Tell your streets guys to shut the road down if it’s that bad.

CLC taxes

What’s wrong with the board at the College of Lake County? They’re proposing a tax increase on homes and want us to pay more taxes. Haven’t they looked and seen how many foreclosures there are and how many more are coming. Are these people that heartless? They want everything for themselves and the heck with everyone else.

High horse

How nice that Mitt Romney only paid 14 percent in income taxes and that he gave millions, but only to the Mormon charities. His Olympic horse was insured for $500,000. Even this guys horse is gold plated.

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