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Updated: January 2, 2013 1:38AM

Sign destruction

Regarding the political signs throughout Lake County. I am a member of that force of putting out political signs. I don’t appreciate people removing and destroying them. These are good people running for office so leave the signs alone. If you don’t want it there, then call one of us and we’ll remove it. Don’t steal the signs and destroy them. I work for all the candidates and I don’t appreciate my hard work being destroyed.

Kind employees

I’d like to compliment the Antioch Walgreens employees for being so kind and helpful. It’s a pleasure to do business there.

Decisions, choices

This if for the young people and making the right choices and decisions. On the front page of the paper, you have a picture of Jereme Richmond, who was arrested for violation of his probation and on the back of your paper you have a photo of Brandon Paul from Gurnee and his decision of going from a shooting guard to a point guard position. These two will forever be entwined because of the history here in Lake County basketball. But they both made a decision to go to the University of Illinois. Mr. Richmond made some wrong decisions while he was there and Mr. Paul is still there. Obviously, Richmond made some bad decisions and choices.

Pension vote

I have to agree with The News-Sun editorial on Amendment 49 regarding pensions. Our representatives need to take care of this problem. Do not pass it onto the voters.

Pension amendment

I urge everybody to vote for the proposed Illinois constitutional amendment on Election Day, the one that requires the majority to cast their votes to increase benefits for retirement for public employees. As a public employee, I think it’s important that we reign in the cost of all the pensions and the abuses. I’m kind of dismayed that more government workers don’t feel the same way. We have generous benefits and the system is crumbling around us, and no one wants to give up anything. If we don’t give up anything, then none of us will have anything at the end. This will have little affect, but it’s important to put in place. I urge everybody to vote for it on Nov. 6.

Military records

Someone in TOTC criticized Obama for his military record, but Romney has five boys and none of them went into the service. We’re using our men and women, but neither one of his sons entered the service. He should be looking at that point instead of criticizing people’s military record.

The sellout

Corporations sold out to greed. Their lobbyists controlled Congress. Look back in history because this has happened before. The corporations see only the Indian and Chinese middle class as customers. They don’t need the American middle class as customers anymore. The Chinese aren’t all low-paid workers. They have a new emerging middle class of young office workers. They’re overpaid, drive cars from around the world and wear designer clothes. You would think they worked in America.

No one complained

I hope we know that President Obama is our commander in chief. I hope that we haven’t forgotten we had a “D” student and no one complained about anything.

Women’s health

If you have a daughter, a sister or a wife, then you have an interest in women’s health care, too.

Part-time work

There’s nothing new about companies giving people less than 40 hours a week. It’s been done since the 1940s. A friend of mine worked over the summer for a telephone company and they would only give her part-time hours so they wouldn’t have to pay benefits. Many retailers has been doing it for many, many years.

Trust nuns

The nuns have it right. Paul Ryan’s budget cuts into the aid to those who need it most. Innocent children, the disabled and those in desperate need of help. The nuns recognize the harm this bill will bring to many in need. Their protest is valid. Forget political parties. Romney called Ryan’s budget marvelous. Who do you believe? The nuns or Romney?

Hollywood greed

Why do so many of our younger generation put so much belief in what Hollywood spews out? Most, but not all of the actors and TV personalities, make millions of dollars for their work and most are liberals who vote Democratic. They want more money for whatever they do and they invest in capitalist ventures in which a lot of them are overseas like China, India, Indonesia, Korea, etc. Do they ever settle for less or do they tell movie moguls to only charge $2 to go see their movies? No. They’re all greedy and want all they can get yet they blame the Republicans for being the money mongers. Believe it or not.

His work

Hurricane Sandy is not God punishing America for homosexuality. Hurricane Sandy is God punishing America for ignoring global warming.

Antioch pensions

I read the editorial in The News-Sun on pension reform. My question to Antioch School District 34 is: Why did you give the principal at Antioch Upper Grade School a 17 percent raise and why did the HR Assistant Superintendent get a 24 percent raise? Antioch School District 34 voters be informed.

Nature’s way

Be kind to nature. Observe her laws and commandments and nature will be kind to you.

Look it up

You want the rich and corporations to run the country? That’s corruption. Look it up in your kids’ history books. Oh, but in the past it was corrected.

Debt payments

Who is Mitt Romney? He’s a man who made a $250 million fortune loading up companies with debt. He then extracted million-dollar fees from those companies in exchange for the service of telling them who needed to be fired in order to finance the debt payments that he saddled them with in the first place. That’s who he is.


Can anyone explain how this country can spend $700 billion a year on defense, yet four Americans in Benghazi, Libya couldn’t be rescued?

GOP logic

According to the Republican logic, if the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy helps President Obama get re-elected, then it must be God’s will that he win.

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