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Foreign-made gifts

With the holidays coming, just remember when you go to the store to look for that gift, it’s probably made in China. All the gifts we buy for Christmas only supports them keeping the jobs from coming back to America. This year, maybe it’s time to give a few dollars instead of buying any foreign-made gifts.

Updated: January 6, 2013 10:12AM

The blame game

Regarding the article “Juan Rivera sues Lake County.” Three times he was tried before a jury of his peers and three times he was found guilty. How can all the blame lay on just the Sheriff’s Office or the State’s Attorney’s Office? Evidently somebody did their job. The case was so convincing that three separate juries found Rivera guilty. Think about it people.

Not guilty?

This is about Rivera and how he’s suing Lake County. The guy was convicted three separate times by a jury. I understand they used DNA evidence and it proved that he did not sexually assault that little girl. That doesn’t mean he didn’t have a part in the murder of that child. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to see his smiling face on the front of my newspaper. Unless you tell me he had nothing to do whatsoever with that crime, he should just go away and hide and the county shouldn’t give him one nickel.

Inside politics

John Hucker finally made the decision in Beach Park to step forward and become the full-time mayor. At the same time, he appointed the son of former mayor Milt Jensen to continue the trustee position. This I feel is not in the best interest of the village. I think both of them are trying to ride on Milt’s coattails. Neither one of them have the ability to handle any situation in a way that Milt would handle it. John, it’s time to lead, follow or get out of the way.

Fuel on the fire

My family has been working in the oil fields since WWII. One of the reasons why gas prices are so high is that Obama is making new and tougher regulations on refineries so the oil companies are either selling off or spinning off their refineries. This is adding another link in the production chain. Also, a lot of high-quality oil is being used for products that don’t require it. The Keystone pipeline is necessary because before you refine a product, you analyze the oil and try and use it in the most efficient way. The oil from the tar sands is kind of like a pink slime. You add that to the high quality oil and you can stretch it further. That’s the most efficient way to refine products.

Third World concept

Forget all this garbage about teaching the kids about finance. Teach the kids about unionism, being united and sticking together. Don’t worry about finance until we’re all working in the same country and making the same money. In America, we don’t live in huts; everybody lives in a houses. But it costs more to live here and that’s why we have to make more money. The Third World concept is not going to work in this country.

La-La Land

If you don’t think Democrats live in La-La Land and have their priorities backward just take a look at New York City. People are hungry, cold, homeless and looting has set in. The dead are still being recovered along with trying to account for the living. Common sense was never a strong point of the Democratic Party.

Great Guy

Thank you to a gentleman named Guy who helped me with my tires. I’m the dinosaur. You and your family will forever be in my prayers. Thank you, again.

A family man

It’s nice to read The News-Sun’s TOTC without all the hate against the president. Why do so many people hate the president? He’s a family man.

Death penalty

About the death penalty being taken away. They took a life and they should have their’s taken. That’s my opinion and a lot of other people, too.


While you were worried about somebody buying a Snickers bar or alcohol with their Link card, Exxon took $9,000 of your tax money.

Weird science

Hurricane Sandy was not God punishing anybody or anything. You should get your head out of the clouds and pay more attention in your science class.

Sports flags

In regard to the “American flag for our troops.” How can someone have enough nerve to fly their so-called game flag and not put an American flag up at all? I was in Winthrop Harbor the other day and on one side is our great No. 1 Bears and the American flag. But on the other side was the so-called Packers want-to-be and no American flag. If you’re going to fly a game flag in your yard, at least fly our American flag for our troops that are fighting for our country. They fight for us so you can have the freedom to fly that so-called sports flag.

‘Jersey Shore’

Snooki, Pauly D. and the rest of the “Jersey Shore” gang have not been seen for the last week. When FEMA was pressed on this issue, all they did was release a written statement saying, “Is that a bad thing?”

No-whine zone

If you voted for the same people that are in office now, then you have no business complaining about the following: Soaring crime rate, extremely high taxes and gas prices, low home values, very high-paid politicians, corruption, constant construction and no conceal and carry.

Taking recycling seriously

For the people who are complaining that the recycling bins aren’t big enough. Breaking down boxes, folding boxes and smashing cans might give you some more room. But, I would have to agree that the recycling containers aren’t very big. Either they don’t believe that consumers are taking recycling seriously or else the waste management company isn’t.

Improper ballots

Talk about being disenfranchised voters. I just read in your paper that the military were given improper ballots by the Obama administration officials. Those improper ballots were taken away and no proper ballots were replaced. Our military who have put their lives on the line are being disenfranchised from their vote from the Obama administration. This is a disgrace.

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