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Updated: January 7, 2013 1:45AM

Whack a coyote

Congratulations to the lady who saved her chihuahua from the evil coyote by whacking it with a News-Sun paper. She took care of the situation herself without asking for help from expensive, tax-supported government services. I think everyone should have a rolled-up News-Sun for such an occasion. Be sure to use one of the thicker editions for extra wumph. This should help take care of the coyote problem in Lake County.

Cruisers gone

While I and my neighbors anxiously await the completion of the Beach Road reconstruction project, who would have ever thought it would turn into a road “beautification” project all the way to Sheridan Road as well. Thank you, Mayor Hucker, for shutting down Cruisers!


You know that a lot of us seniors only buy your paper because of the obituaries, which we can hardly read. But on Nov. 5 there was only one. That’s because you don’t put the obituary page on the back cover of the paper. Please look into it.

No saving

We’re going to be submitted to the story of the killing of Osama bin Laden and how we courageously attacked. Yet, we couldn’t go in to save four Americans from being killed in Benghazi. Does it make any sense why we can kill somebody, but we can’t save anybody?

Political parade

How about no politicians in parades! I’m sick and tired of politicians trying to steal the spotlight in parades. No politicians in Veterans Day parades!

Real entertainment

Whew, it’s over! Now we can pick up the remote and go back to watching our entertainment: “Judge Hall, Days of Suzi’s Life, Law & Disorder with Mike Waller, Deal or NO Deal with people wrongly incarcerated in Lake County Jail, featuring Lake County’s state’s attorney and many subordinates as the hosts!

They’re lucky

Lucky parents who have good children usually have lucky children who have good parents.

Paid leave

Wauconda firefighter Donald Berthiaume is arrested and charged with criminal sexual abuse for inappropriate sexual contact with a 13-year-old girl is on paid administrative leave as his case unfolds. Candidate for judge, Patricia Fix, was placed on unpaid administrative leave amid accusation that she removed campaign signs of a political opponent. She should have had sexual contact with the opponent instead. At least she’d still be getting her paycheck!

Hurricane Squirrel

This question is for those nuts who think hurricanes of nature are all God’s punishment. Do you really think that God would kill innocent people and children because he’s mad and wants to punish us? I think you mind meld with squirrels.

Price of gas

Your editorial of Nov. 1 is factually correct. The president does not control gas prices. However, you did not tell “the rest of the story.” During the Bush/Cheney administration, they were called the oil barons and blamed by the Democrats for the $4- a-gallon gas prices. Oil was $150 a barrel. Now the same Democrats are saying the president has nothing to do with the price of gas. Oil is less than $100 a barrel. The policies of the Obama administration contribute to the business environment that results in $4 gas even though the price of oil is only two-thirds of what it was under Bush/Cheney. So yes, the president is indirectly responsible for the price of gas.


Finally, relief is just around the corner from all the political phone calls. Also, the tons of wasted paper that comes in the mail. I wonder how many people read all the lies that is sent to them on a daily basis?

It’s over

I can’t wait for all the name calling, bad mouthing and negative comments to be gone. I’ve heard it all and now I fear my mute button is wearing out!

The non-wealthy

Wealthy people work harder than the rest of us? You don’t believe that, do you? Most wealth is inherited. I am not wealthy, though I worked hard all my life. The smartest thing wealthy people do is choose their parents wisely. Many wealthy people inherited a business their father started, or even their grandfather. I challenge any wealthy person to show how he or she worked harder than I or many other non-wealthy people did.

Part-time bennies

Why are the aldermen in Waukegan getting medical, dental and life insurance on a part-time job? That’s why the city is in such bad shape. It’s the budget. The taxpayers need to do something about this.

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