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Dear Fixer: I recently moved back home to help take care of my elderly grandfather. My grandparents raised me since I was 7, after my mother, their oldest daughter, was killed. ]]> Wed, 16 May 2012 01:29:12 -0500 <![CDATA[ How about these resolutions for a consumer headaches-free year? ]]>

While The Fixer loves going to bat for people who’ve been ripped off and given the runaround, we really hate hearing about sad, unfixable situations that could have been prevented. ]]> Tue, 06 Mar 2012 01:44:54 -0500 <![CDATA[ The check apparently was in mail, but . . . ]]>

The Fixer hears from a reader who was waiting for a payment of $103.51 from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. ]]> Sun, 26 Feb 2012 01:53:46 -0500 <![CDATA[ Fixer readers brag about the ‘Good Guys’ ]]> Lead story image

All year, Team Fixer is working on your stickiest consumer situations — everything from disappearing mortgage payments to ruined vacations. ]]> Wed, 22 Feb 2012 01:27:14 -0500 <![CDATA[ Apartment finder doesn’t help, but she can’t get refund ]]>

Dear Fixer: I responded to an ad on Craigslist for a two-bedroom apartment with hardwood floors. ]]> Sun, 19 Feb 2012 02:07:08 -0500 <![CDATA[ Company turns a deaf ear to poor sound from radio ]]>

Dear Fixer: A month ago, for my 80th birthday, my daughter bought me a clock radio at Brookstone. ]]> Sat, 21 Jan 2012 08:11:24 -0500 <![CDATA[ Papal blessing not worth twice the cost ]]>

Dear Fixer: Last February, I sent in an application to the Vatican for a Papal Blessing for my in-laws’ 25th wedding anniversary. ]]> Sun, 12 Feb 2012 02:02:55 -0500 <![CDATA[ Car paid off, but he never gets title ]]>

Dear Fixer: I’m hoping you can help me. In 2007, I bought my daughter a new Chevy Cobalt. The car was financed through US Bank. ]]> Sat, 11 Feb 2012 01:15:19 -0500 <![CDATA[ Fixer barely breaks sweat over fitness-club takeover ]]>

Dear Fixer: I am a dedicated hapkido student, formerly studying at Bally Total Fitness in both Villa Park and Glendale Heights. ]]> Fri, 10 Feb 2012 01:31:33 -0500 <![CDATA[ Company apologetic after bus-deposit return snafu ]]>

Dear Fixer: I contracted with Olson Transportation to hire a bus for the Waukegan Elks Lodge #702 to go to Miller Park in Milwaukee on Sept. 10. ]]> Wed, 08 Feb 2012 01:15:28 -0500 <![CDATA[ Fixer de-ices holiday freezer problem ]]>

Dear Fixer: On Oct. 25, I put a freezer on layaway at the Tinley Park Sears. Four days later, I got a call from Sears telling me that the freezer was recalled and no longer available. ]]> Sun, 29 Jan 2012 02:14:15 -0500 <![CDATA[ Another crazy cruise catastrophe averted ]]>

Dear Fixer: In June 2009, my husband and I went on a Holy Land cruise with Princess Cruises. ]]> Wed, 25 Jan 2012 02:01:45 -0500 <![CDATA[ Beware of layaway: $100 down, but no fridge ]]>

Dear Fixer: On Oct. 25, I put a freezer on layaway at the Tinley Park Kmart. Four days later, I got a call from Sears telling me that the freezer was recalled and no longer available. ]]> Sat, 21 Jan 2012 02:10:23 -0500 <![CDATA[ Preschool fund-raiser prepaid cards expire too soon ]]>

D ear Fixer: Last December and March, I purchased four $50 Visa prepaid cards through a fund-raiser for my kid’s preschool. ]]> Sat, 14 Jan 2012 02:05:02 -0500 <![CDATA[ U-verse runaround has woman steamed ]]>

Dear Fixer: For five months, I’ve been having intermittent Internet service with AT&T’s U-verse. It just goes in and out whenever it feels like it. ]]> Wed, 04 Jan 2012 01:24:52 -0500 <![CDATA[ Comcast promised gift card after 3 mos. — but it doesn’t arrive ]]>

Dear Fixer: We signed up for Comcast’s Triple Play online and were supposed to get a $200 gift card after three months of service. It’s going on seven months and four phone calls and many emails, and we are still nowhere with this. ]]> Sat, 31 Dec 2011 01:15:21 -0500