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Aaron Simpson to DePaul: This could be the start of something big

EXTRA POINT: Two years and two months from now, we’ll have a better idea on whether the step that Aaron Simpson took on Wednesday was an important one in his quest to become a professional basketball player.


High School Sports

Lincoln-Way West going the extra mile


After suffering a heartbreaking overtimes loss to Joliet Catholic in a Class 5A quarterfinal playoff game last season, Lincoln-Way West has put in extra work in the offseason to complete it’s state title run. read more...

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IHSA’s appeals process has worked for area basketball teams twice


EXTRA POINT: The issue at hand involved the semifinals of the Class 4A state boys basketball tournament last month, which was the game that Stevenson High’s Jalen Brunson scored 56 points. That game was played on a Friday night, and on Saturday afternoon, Brunson was suspended for the evening’s third-place game by the IHSA for an obscene gesture that it said Brunson made late in that contest.

Kenosha’s Kingfish are becoming what we thought Fielders would be


EXTRA POINT: The caller from the TV news network wanted to talk about Kevin Costner, and not about the movie “Draft Day,” but rather about Costner’s doomed-to-failure venture into minor-league baseball with our Zion-based Lake County Fielders.

Youth boxing club in Round Lake’s fighting the good fight


EXTRA POINT:Juan Curiel is all about giving kids a fighting chance to succeed in the game of life. Not necessarily a boxing chance, mind you, but a fighting chance. And if the sport of boxing is what’s needed to reach out and touch the hearts and souls of the young people, well then, boxing it is.

Warren High’s Ellis to run for Team USA in Youth Olympics


EXTRA POINT: Last weekend, 16-year-old Brittny Ellis of Gurnee competed in the U.S. Area Youth Olympic Selection Trials in Miramar, Fla. (near Miami), which was held to determine the members of Team USA for the second Summer Youth Olympic Games, set for Aug. 16-28 in Nanjing, China.

County grads carving out a niche with Chicago’s women’s pro soccer team


EXTRA POINT: The Chicago Red Stars are preparing for Year 2 of the National Women’s Soccer League. It’s a nine-team league and if you can name the other eight teams in the league, you probably are a friend/relative of Rachel Quan of Lake Forest or Kecia Morway of Lake Villa.

Senior Shootout as event of the year? It’s a slam dunk


EXTRA POINT: If you aren’t old enough to order from the “senior discount” menu at IHOP, there’s no way you’re going to be able to envision this happening, but it did, and it’s what came to mind the other day in the parking lot after watching the Lake County Senior Shootout all-star boys and girls high school basketball games at the College of Lake County in Grayslake.

The best fitness trainers don’t iPhone it in


EXTRA POINT: Don’t know what it costs for a half-hour of supervised instruction with a personal trainer at the local exercise place near Walmart in Waukegan, but have to say that if there’s a trainer type giving the customer his/her money’s worth, it’s this young guy on the clock early in the morn.

You can count on Grade A effort from Warren’s tennis program


EXTRA POINT: If a match consisted of a best-of-three sets on the court along with a best-of-three games of Jeopardy, then Warren High School would be a serious, serious threat to win the state boys tennis championship this spring.

When picking a mascot, is it better to be Lucky than good?


EXTRA POINT: You knew the day they announced the team nickname and logo that the new Kenosha franchise in the Northwoods League, which is a summer league for elite college baseball players, had something here.

Never take your eye off the bouncing ball ...


EXTRA POINT: If you are looking for a comparable basketball player to Stevenson High School junior Jalen Brunson, you could do worse than to compare him to Kyrie Irving.

Samantha Staton’s dream growing up was to be a boxer


EXTRA POINT: Chances are better than good that none of us need all our fingers and toes to count the number of people we know who have been able to live their dream.

Not all talented gymnasts make it onto the high-school stage


If she lived, say, one town to the east (Wildwood/Gurnee), or one town to the south (Mundelein), the name Cinny Lamberti would be a familiar one to people who follow high school sports through The News-Sun newspaper or via the website.

Maybe we’ve now seen it all? Or maybe, we ain’t seen nothing yet


EXTRA POINT: Random thoughts about high school basketball from someone who now has learned a third way of confirming he’s old ... the first two being, of course 1) when people start holding a door open for you rather than you holding it open for them, and 2) when your children start taking care of you more than you take care of your children.

NFL linebacker O’Brien Schofield comes home to North Chicago to encourage young students to Dare 2 Dream


EXTRA POINT: There’s no good way of telling how much information that’s put forth during an assembly at a grade school is absorbed and retained by the youngsters in the audience, and how much eludes them wide right or wide left.

Even on a clear night, you can’t see all the stars


EXTRA POINT: On the list of least-favorite things to have happen, near the top is when you kind of/sort of halfway remember something, but you don’t remember it totally or accurately, and because you don’t, you wind up looking silly in the end.